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Breakup Probation a Week Review

breakup probation a week

Breakup Probation a Week is a South Korean drama released in the year 2021. The drama got on air on 22nd February and went off the air on 26th February 2021. The drama is based upon the life of a happy couple who died in an accident. The girl died in the accident while the boy was alive. For keeping the man alive the mysterious person asked her to break up with him.

The drama is also recognizing by the name of Parting Grace, One Week, Break-up Suspension, and A Week Delay of Farewell. The drama is available on Viu. The drama is not available on RakutenViki and Netflix. The rating of the drama is quite ok neither average nor on the top, it is somewhere in between. We give Breakup Probation a Week a rating of 4.1/5 stars. The series has a total number of 10 episodes in one season. The duration varies with each episode. The maximum runtime of a single episode is half an hour. The series is quite small it is crisp and strong. This is the only season expected but there can be another season on board too seeing the ending of the series. The genre of the series is Drama, Fantasy, Romance, and Trauma.

Breakup Probation a Week Star Cast

The drama Breakup Probation a Week 2021 is starring Kwon Yu Ri (Park Ga Ram) and Hyun Woo (Kim Seon Jae). They both are the main lead of the drama as the drama revolves around their love story and life. The other supporting cast of the series is Yoon Ji On as “X” (the mysterious man), Han Ga Rim as (Choi Hee Jeong), Bang Eun Hee as (Son Myung Sook), and Lee Jung Bin as (Shin Ji Won). They all are the supporting cast for the series. Their presence has built the plot quite efficiently. The guest appearance is done by Park Won Sang as a Grim Reaper/”Y” you will find him in 7, 8, 9 episodes. Being a small drama the characters are limited.

breakup probation a week

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The series Breakup Probation a Week story revolves around Ga Ram and Seon Jae who are about to get married. They suddenly get into the fights for no reason. They both seceded to breakup. While the Ga Ram was heading back in anger Seon Jae follows her. While he is following her he sees that she was about to get into an accident with the truck. To save her he gets into an accident with her.

This accident leads Seon Jae in the comma and Ga Ram loses her life. After losing her she sees herself in some other world where she meets the mysterious man name X. The mysterious man asks her to break up with Seon Jae to save his life. He gives him a week time to do so. Ga Ram accepts the contact and goes back to the present where she meets Seon Jae again. She has to say goodbye to Seon Jae before she leaves her behind.

The whole week she realizes the sincerity and loyalty of Seon Jae towards the relationship. The way he feels for her at that moment she realizes this. Seon Jae tries every bit to save the relationship but it was too late to do that. They both were in desperate need to find a reason for the breakup to save the lives of each other. The time goes over but there is no reason for them to break up. The thing that is to be seen is if Ga Ram gets successful in breaking up Seon Joe for saving him or the life goes either way.

Breakup Probation a Week Plot Analysis

The series Breakup Probation a Week revolves around the life of two people Ga Ram and Seon Joe. The drama opens up on the scene where Ga Ram and Seon Joe are fighting with each other over their relationship. They both have been seeing each other for a long time and are about to get marry but the continuous fights between them stop them to take the decision. While they are fighting with each other Ga Ram goes around the other way leaving him after the fight. After this Seon Jae follows her up and see that she is going to get hit by the truck. After seeing her getting almost hit he runs towards her to save her but they both meet in an accident.

Ga Ram faces an afterlife while Seon Jae is in a coma. Ga Ram meets with a mysterious man who makes her realize that she is dead and then she realizes what all happen in the accident and how things go. After she realizes the accident she comes to know about Seon Jae who is in a coma she asks the mysterious man to save his life. The person asks Ga Ram to sacrifice her relationship to save him. She pleads and asks him to save his life. To save the life of Seon Jae she has to break up with him in a week.

Plot Continuation

She asks him to do so and signs the contract to save his life. She goes back to the time before the accident happens and she can foresee everything. Ga Ram focuses on breaking up with Seon Jae and tries to save her life any which way possible. Seon Jae is confuse about all the fights and misunderstandings he isn’t getting what going on. He is confuse eventually with time they stay together. At the time of one week, Ga Ram realizes how deep Seon Jae’s feelings are towards her. The moment when she realizes is the moment when she has to leave him. Both of them spend quality time fighting of course.

Eventually, Seon Jae came to know about the contract. He pitches himself to save the life of Ga Ram. He is quite obnoxious towards the contract but in the end, decides to sacrifice his life. In the end, Seon Jae sacrifices his life Ga Ram cannot do anything to save him. She becomes broke after hearing that he can be brain-dead for life. Ga Ram continuous to live happily staying by Seon Jae’s side she comes to meet him daily. Seeing the love and normal happy life the mysterious man turns out in anger as he cannot see them together being this satisfied. She realizes her mistake and says that committing a mistake one time is enough to learn a lesson. Seeing the passion and love between them the mysterious man gives back the life of Seon Jae and they live happily after.

breakup probation a week

Final verdict Breakup Probation a Week

The drama Breakup Probation a Week is a drama that revolves around the love story and supernatural theme. The story takes turns up and down with the flow. The love story is quite typical which can be seen in many dramas but the plot is quite different. The outcomes and situations are different. The drama focuses on the afterlife and how it takes a toll on saving the life of the other person.

The drama is quite straightforward but is confusing at some or other point. The lead Kwon Yu RI gave a smooth performance it has lots of emotions and the dramatic scene which she handled beautifully. The characters get a bit annoying after a point, especially towards the end. Seon Jae is an office worker who is completely neglected by his girlfriend. He still puts effort into the relationship. However, he starts thinking again about his choices and decisions. Hyun Woo does a great job portraying a perfect boyfriend.

However, the drama did not handle the fantasy that appropriately the way it could have. In the end, there are end numbers of question which remain unclear. The plot completely focuses on the love part for getting the building up of the other worlds. There is no such explanation about the mysterious man and why did he play the whole thing. The story went from dramatic to easy prediction plot. Overall it is a cute love story surely a one-time watch.

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Review Overview
Breakup Probation a Week Rating

The drama is quite straightforward but is confusing at some or other point. The lead Kwon Yu RI gave a smooth performance it has lots of emotions and the dramatic scene which she handled beautifully. The characters get a bit annoying after a point, especially towards the end. Seon Jae is an office worker who is completely neglected by his girlfriend. He still puts effort into the relationship.

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