Both Ha Ru And Ok Hee Return In So Ri’s Life In ‘Love Twist’ Episode 34

Love Twist Episode 34
Ha Ru in the U.S

Gwang Nam remarries Hee Ok after his divorce with Ok Hee. He thinks that he will be happy for life, but he is finding it difficult to adjust to his new life. Also, his only daughter So Ri does not talk to her family anymore. She has a different life with her new family and son. In ‘Love Twist’ Episode 34, Ok Hee returns from hiding to fulfill her late father-in-law’s wish.

After Park Ki Tae is released from jail, he goes to meet Dong-man. As they are talking, he reveals that Gwang Nam has a son. Dong-man couldn’t believe this and confronts Gwag Nam about it. Gwang Nam clarifies that he is not Ha Ru’s father and asks Dong-man not to tell this to Ki Tae. However, Ki Tae has become suspicious of the matter again and emails Ha Ru that Gwang Nam is not his father.

‘Love Twist’ Episode 33 Recap

Till now, we have seen that, So Ri tells her family that she will marry Kyung Joon. No matter how much her family tries to stop her, she has made her decision. When Do-Hee finds out about this, she tries to convince So Ri not to go through with it. The reason behind this is that Do-Hee likes Kyung Joon and thinks that So Ri should tell Ha Ru about the baby. After pondering on Do-Hee’s suggestion for a while, So Ri decides to hide the sonogram pictures in a book. She decides to wait for Ha Ru if he takes this book with him.

Unfortunately, the next day when she visits his place, she finds the book in the trash. It is a mistake, but So Ri thinks that Ha Ru has done this on purpose. She decides to move on with her life, and after five years, she becomes a successful businesswoman and mother. Also, she has no contact with her family. Even though she has successfully restarted ‘Twist,’ she is still struggling to acquire an investment. On the other hand, Ha Ru has a successful career in the U.S.

Ha Ru and So Ri's son
Ha Ru and So Ri’s son

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Gwang Nam Misses Ok Hee

After divorcing Ok Hee, Gwang Nam marries Hee Ok, thinking that he will have a great life. However, after five years, he realizes that Ok Hee is the right person for him. One day as he visits a worksite, he spots Ok Hee and tries to follow her. Still, he is not able to pace up to her. Another person who will enter Gwang Nam’s life again is Park Ki Tae. After five years, he is released from jail, and the first person he meets is Dong-man. When Dong-man tells him that he and Gwang Nam are in-laws, he is shocked. Then he tells him that Ha Ru is Gwang Nam’s son.

‘Love Twist’ Episode 34 Preview

When Dong-man finds out that Ha Ru is Gwang Nam’s son, he confronts his friend about it. However, Gwang Nam clarifies the matter and asks Don-man not to tell anything to Ki Tae. It might be too late to warn his friend as Ki Tae already thinks that everyone might be lying to him. Unaware of all this, So Ri is busy with building back her business, but everyone keeps advising she take her father’s help. Even her mother-in-law seems to think that she should go back to her father’s company. Will So Ri be able to make ‘Twist’ successful?

Gwang Nam marries Hee Ok
Gwang Nam marries Hee Ok

‘Love Twist’ Episode 34 Release Date

The ‘Love Twist’ Episode 34 will release on 27th January 2022. After five years, Kyung Joon’s life has become more complicated than he expected. When he decided to marry So Ri in the past, Do-Hee tells him that she is pregnant with his child. Also, she threatens to expose his lie about Ha Ru’s real father. Because of this, Kyung Joon lives two different lives, one with So Ri and her son and another with Do-Hee and her son.

Where To Watch ‘Love Twist’?

The South Korean drama ‘Love Twist’ is a television series broadcast by the KBS2 network. People living in South Korea can watch the upcoming episodes of the ‘Love Twist’ on the official network. As for the international fans, they can watch the ‘Love Twist’ episode 34 on the subscription-based website Rakuten Viki.

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