One of the most important and, at the same time, mysterious characters in the Boruto series is with no doubt Mitsuki.

Mitsuki was originally created synthetically in a laboratory by Orochimaru, who used his own DNA, so that we can consider Mitsuki as Orochimaru’s son, although we can’t define if Orochimaru is Mitsuki’s father or mother because Orochimaru’s gender is nowadays still unkonwn, but we can assume that his gender is “male”. In addition, Mitsuki was named after “Tsuky”, a japanese word which has a double meaning: “vessel” and “Moon”. But why Orochimaru named his son with a name that has these two meanings?

Well, there are two possible explanations: the first one is that, since we all know Orochimaru and his incredible hunger for immortality, maybe he’s creating synthetic bodies to use the mas vessels until the creation of the final one, and Mitsuki is supposed to be one of them, or also the final one; the second one is that Orochimaru became a better person and stopped being a villain thanks to the fact that he had a son, so that he started considering Mitsuki as his Moon, meaning that he represents the light coming up through the darkness.

In addition, we know that Mitsuki will be able to enter the Sage Mode, but it will be different from all the Sage Mode we saw until now (Naruto’s, Minato’s and Jiraya’s ones); in fact, while using this technique, a horn grows on his head and a chakra-made snake surrounds his body. In my opinion this could mean that Orochimaru is trying to develop his knowledge about different jutsu and, among all of them, he wants to be able to enter the Sage Mode, maybe not through the world of toads but through the world of snakes.

Furthermore, we know that Mitsuki hasn’t a lot of memories in his brain and he rebelled against Orochimaru because he wanted to live a life in which he’s able to decide what to do without any duty coming from his father; anyway, he went to Konoha probably because Orochimaru told him to do so and there he met Boruto and a lot of other children.

Despite everyone else, Mitsuki especially admires Boruto and, in fact, he his a fundamental character in Mitsuki’s life: if Boruto start using his dojutsu, Mitsuki will be encouraged to develop his abilities in order not to become weaker than Boruto; moreover, Boruto helped Mitsuki in changing some aspects of his personality and his way of thinking. When Mitsuki realized this, he stated that he had probably found his “Sun”. Following the logic I introduced before, there should be a strong connection to the fact that Mitsuki’s name reminds us of the Moon and that he talks about the Sun, no?

In fact I’m strongly convinced that there’s a huge connection between these two concepts: the Moon is what gives light to the darkness of the night, but it keeps on staying in the darkness; on the contrary, the Suni s what gives light to the day and when it shines, there’s no more darkness around, so that Boruto can be considered as the person who’s able to give a balance to Mitzuki, probably also being able to save him when he’s about to fall through the darkness and making him joining the light.


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