Howdy, I’m here with some recently-released Spoilers from Episode 36 of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. After some filler episodes, we finally got an episode worth watching; Episode 35 featured The Parent Teacher meeting before the graduation exam.

This episode was actually even more interesting with the video filming. It featured a lot of interviews with the characters in a lighthearted fashion as we got to know(more) many of the characters. We already know that Boruto wants to protect everyone and he holds good leadership skills but characterwise he doesn’t know what he wants to be.

So, now without any more delays let me tell you the Leaks teased by the Weekly Shonen Jump magazine. Just before starting, You may know that everything you are going to read from now is considered as a Spoiler.

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 36 

Title: Students vs Teachers! The battle for Graduation… begins!!

Synopsis: The Final practical test is “Grab the bell”!!: To pass the exam, students need to take the bell from Kakashi within the day! Boruto and his friends know that there is only one bell, so, in order to win they pursue Kakashi in the forest!

But, other teachers stand in their way. Will Boruto be able to Grasp the lesson teachers are trying to teach them?!  Boruto Follows Kakashi in order to catch him while Mitsuki fights Shino!

Konohamaru takes out of Students! Then, Sarada and Sumire go up against him! Shikadai’s team begins their plan, but, they don’t move from their spot.

Kakashi this week:  Making An Appearance as an Examiner!! The one responsible for the final exam is none other than Kakashi! Boruto and the Others who first underestimated the graduation exam begins to get serious after that it’s possible that all of them can fail the exam.

Well, that’s all for today! Comment your opinions below.

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