Boruto Episode 68 Preview: When Will Metal Lee Arc Start?

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Boruto Episode 68

This week’s Boruto episode will again be in Cho-Cho Akimichi arc, so it is what we have been seeing since a long time. Many of the fans are already calling it boring, and I would not say otherwise. This episode is not going to be too special as per the details that are coming in, but yes there will be some events that are important to know if you want to keep up with the timeline of the show.

One of the major details that we have got to know is about Metal Lee arc, which is supposed to start from episode 70. Therefore, we are pretty sure that a lot of fans would be interested in watch the 70th episode, but currently, we are at 68th episode and it will be majorly about Cho-Cho Akimichi, and even the title is ‘Super Cho-Cho Kiss Mode!’

The episode is supposed to feature more about Tomaru, as it is speculated that there will be some points that might surprise Cho-Cho and Boruto’s friends, who were just thinking that he is just handsome and nothing more. We have seen that Cho-Cho is in love with Tomaru, and not just that, she has even made that obvious. The character is introduced just in the previous episode, and in only one episode, we can see that he is already in audience’s notice.

We have seen Cho-Cho using all the abilities, and even the butterfly transformation technique, famous of the Akimichi clan. However, she has fallen in love with Tomaru, and she now keeps her transformation all the time to look good and slim. Due to her distractions, we have seen her doing a lot of fumbles and blunders in their crucial events such as capturing the masked ninja in the previous episode. Adding more to that, we are supposed to see her even more distracted in the next episode, so make sure you do watch it.

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