Hey guys. Boruto episode 45 gave us more information about the mysterious the Gentlemen Thieves. Before we go through the spoilers for Boruto episode 46, let’s talk about the previous episode. Shikadai became friends with Ryogi through playing shogi. However, recently Ryogi hasn’t been showing up at the usual meeting spot. Shikadai can’t stop worrying about Ryogi’s puzzling attitude on the last day he saw him, but he has no way to ascertain Ryogi’s true feelings.

Meanwhile, Ryogi is plagued by a memory he can never forget. The arc is becoming more and more intriguing. I must say that it has surpassed my original expectations. However, it might not be a good idea to continue dragging it on for too long as it may annoy the fans. Now time for the Spoilers for Boruto episode 46. Operation Polar Night Spurred on by the Byakuyadan, people are now protesting against the Kaminarimon Company, which is owned by Denki’s father.

The village’s ninjas are summoned to quell the chaos, and each team is assigned a different protest location. Shikadai, Inojin, and Chocho (Team 10) go to their positions, but Shikadai, notices something strange on the map, and slips away from his post. It is most likely that this one of the last episode of the Byakuyadan arc. The arc is certainly interesting and it is nice to see Shikadai in the spotlight.

In the Naruto series, one thing that I particularly liked was when other characters got screentime of their own. I’m glad that they’re keeping up the tradition. If you’re getting impatient with the Byakuyadan arc, just let me tell you that good things come to those who are patient. After the current arc is over, we will be getting the Momoshiki and Kinshiki arc.

I am all excited for the arc as this time, the Momoshiki arc will be different from the manga as well as from the movie. The Third Ōtsutsuki will also be revealed in the arc. So, things are about to get exciting for Boruto fans. Plus, I would like to add that a fan favorite will soon be returning in the Momoshiki arc. I’m sure that fans will know who I’m talking about.

Naruto’s other half, the Other Hokage of the Hidden Leaf, Sasuke Uchiha will soon be returning to the Leaf. It’s about time that we see the legendary Uchiha in action in Boruto. For those who have seen the movie or read the manga, they will know why Sasuke is returning to the Hidden Leaf.
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A Major Detail That Everyone Missed About The Otsutsuki Clan

Hey guys. The Otsutsuki clan is a clan of extraterrestrial beings who come reside in some other dimension. The first Otsutsuki that set foot on the Earth was Kaguya Otsutsuki. She came to the Earth to collect the chakra fruit. But, she took the chakra fruit for herself. She consumed the fruit and gained extraordinary powers. She was called the “Progenitor of Chakra”. Kaguya became the embodiment of the Ten Tails. She ruled the entire earth with her new powers, which she used the Infinite Tsukuyomi to achieve peace.

However, she was opposed by her sons. Both of them waged a war against her and they ended up winning the battle. Kaguya was sealed away by Hagoromo and Hamura. Hagoromo became the jinchuriki of the Ten Tails, while as Hamura went to the Moon. Throughout the series, we stumbled across even more Otsutsuki clan members. Recently in the Boruto series, we saw Kinshiki and Momoshiki as the newest addition to the Otsutsuki clan. We also saw a totally new dojutsu in Boruto, which is the Jougan.

We have limited knowledge about this dojutsu. So, I’d like to discuss what we know about the dojutsu. The Jougan is capable of sensing negative chakra, see the chakra pathway system and see through dimensional barriers. Now, going back to the Otsutsuki clan. Almost all the known Otsutsuki possess the Byakugan and some even possess the Rinnegan. While this may be true, however, the Otsutsuki clan members even possess the Jougan.

You might say that I’m jumping to conclusions, but I have got irrefutable proof that actually Kinshiki possesses the Jougan. If you have gone through the Boruto series, you must have seen Kinshiki and Momoshiki on some planet and they were consuming the chakra fruit.
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