In this post, we will discuss Boruto Chapter 24. The Boruto manga is in its most exciting phase right now. If you’re up to date with it, you’d know what I am talking about right now. But if you don’t know what’s going on, and don’t care about being spoiled, don’t worry. I got you covered. So let’s begin with the spoilers and predictions for Boruto manga chapter 24. Before we do so, please make sure that you don’t continue reading this post if spoilers really bother you. Now that I’ve made that clear, let’s begin.

Boruto Chapter 24 Predictions

Boruto Chapter 24

Boruto Chapter 23 was the finale of the Ao arc and I have to say, this was the greatest chapter that we’ve got in Boruto so far. The hype that Kashin Koji built was amazing, and we even got to see some intense action between Konohamaru and Koji.

As expected, Kashin Koji stomped on Konohamaru, and the Jōnin nearly died if it weren’t for Boruto’s seal activating. The seal’s power of Ninjutsu absorption was finally revealed to us, and because of that Kashin Koji basically spared Team 7. What’s even more interesting is the fact that Kawaki was revealed to us in this chapter of Boruto. If you thought that we’d have to wait more, you’re wrong. To be honest, I was expecting Kawaki to be revealed to us in this arc, and I was right.

Boruto manga chapter 24

Kawaki was seen towards the end of Boruto chapter 23, and he bore the same seal that Boruto had on his palm as well. Coming on to the next chapter of Boruto, we’ll see two of the most important things next. First is Konohamaru’s Team going back to Konohagakure, and reporting everything there. Kawaki will be taken in by Konoha, and I think he’ll have lost all his memories.

He’ll be raised at Konoha, and I think his memories will return later on. We will find some terrifying Intel on Kara. This is thanks to the data that Konohamaru and the other Jonin recovered from the Blimp. We’ll also see Kara once again in the next chapter of Boruto. This time, Kashin Koji will do the reporting, and he’ll let Jigen know that Boruto also carries the Karma. We might also see Kashin Koji’s face, and his true identity may be revealed to us in the next chapter of Boruto. Towards the end, I think we’ll see Kawaki opening his eyes, and that’ll be the end of Boruto chapter 24. But these are just my predictions for the next chapter.


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