Hey guys. Boruto manga is going down the right track. If the fans are not satisfied with the anime as of yet, I can just recommend that one should start reading the manga. The only drawback of the manga as of now is that, it comes out only once a month, which is just too tiring. I mean with the quality of each chapter, one would expect the manga to come out at least once every two weeks.

However, let’s divulge into that. I’m here to talk about the possible spoilers for Boruto Chapter 21. First, let us go through the events that took place in the previous chapter. Boruto chapter 20 had a lot of action. In the chapter, Konohamaru, and co. finally faced off against Ao. Ao’s appearance has caused a lot of controversy among the fans. The biggest question that they are asking is how exactly did Ao survive the blast? Well, that is a legit question, how did it happen.

In my opinion, it is possible that Ao awakened an unknown power of the Byakugan, which allowed him to use some sort of space-time ninjutsu. It might have paved way for Ao’s escape and his survival. Anyway, Ao was patched up by Katasuke. Ao owed his survival to Katasuke, but instead of being grateful, Ao casted a Genjutsu on Katasuke. Ao is currently working for Kara. Kara might become a really serious threat to the Ninja world. Ao’s on the mission to retrieve the “vessel”, which seems to be really important to Kara.

Future Boruto's Design Confirmed To Be Altered

The other Jōnin who was accompanying Konohamaru, sacrificed himself so as to allow Konohamaru and the rest to escape to a safe place. However, they soon realized that they can’t run away from Ao for a long time, so they decide to face Ao. My prediction is that Konohamaru, Boruto and Katasuke will head back to face Ao. Sarada and Mitsuki will head to the Hidden Leaf to give the Intel to Naruto.

Konohamaru has made it quite clear that ensuring the Intel reaches the Hidden Leaf is their top priority. So, the division seems inevitable. Another thing that I believe will take place in Boruto chapter 21 is that Ao will die in the fight. Ao’s introduction has already caused a lot of controversies already, so Ikemoto would be looking forward to eliminating Ao as soon as possible.
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A Major Detail That Everyone Missed About The Otsutsuki Clan

Hey guys. The Otsutsuki clan is a clan of extraterrestrial beings who come reside in some other dimension. The first Otsutsuki that set foot on the Earth was Kaguya Otsutsuki. She came to the Earth to collect the chakra fruit. But, she took the chakra fruit for herself. She consumed the fruit and gained extraordinary powers. She was called the “Progenitor of Chakra”. Kaguya became the embodiment of the Ten Tails. She ruled the entire earth with her new powers, which she used the Infinite Tsukuyomi to achieve peace.

However, she was opposed by her sons. Both of them waged a war against her and they ended up winning the battle. Kaguya was sealed away by Hagoromo and Hamura. Hagoromo became the jinchuriki of the Ten Tails, while as Hamura went to the Moon. Throughout the series, we stumbled across even more Otsutsuki clan members. Recently in the Boruto series, we saw Kinshiki and Momoshiki as the newest addition to the Otsutsuki clan. We also saw a totally new dojutsu in Boruto, which is the Jougan.

We have limited knowledge about this dojutsu. So, I’d like to discuss what we know about the dojutsu. The Jougan is capable of sensing negative chakra, see the chakra pathway system and see through dimensional barriers. Now, going back to the Otsutsuki clan. Almost all the known Otsutsuki possess the Byakugan and some even possess the Rinnegan. While this may be true, however, the Otsutsuki clan members even possess the Jougan.

You might say that I’m jumping to conclusions, but I have got irrefutable proof that actually Kinshiki possesses the Jougan.
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