Since “Boruto: Naruto The Movie” and also with the beginning of the new series “Boruto: Naruto Next Generations”, we saw that Boruto, although he’s still a child, is an extremely skilled ninja who, one day, will probably become as strong as his father, who is nowadays the strongest ninja alive alongside with Sasuke.

Despite this, we know for sure that, in order to become more powerful, he will have to gain some special abilities and develop his jutsu, but what could they be?

Let’s see them together!

  1. Lightning Release – Rasengan (“Rasenchidori”)

We have already seen in the movie that Boruto will be taught to use the Rasengan by Konohamaru and this is pretty obvious, since he’s Naruto’s son and, for this reason, he’s more likely to inherit his father’s jutsu. Anyway, we also know that Boruto has just learned to use his lightning release, so what about if he succeeds in combining the Rasengan with his chakra nature modification?

The first person who achieved combining the Rasengan with a particular kind of chakra has been Naruto and he combined his Rasengan with the wind chakra, even surpassing in this way his father Minato, the 4th Hokage, but if Boruto succeeds in combining his Rasengan with the lightning natured chakra, he could overcome not only Minato’s ability, but even Kakashi’s one!

  1. Toads Summoning

Since Mitsuki is, of course, able to summon snakes thanks to Orochimaru’s DNA and Sarada will supposedly become able to summon Lady Katsuryu as an inheritance of Sakura’s healing jutsu, Boruto is very likely to inherit Naruto’s Sage Mode and, in this way, also the ability of summoning toads like Gamabunta and Gamakichi.

  1. Body Flicker Technique/Teleport jutsu

We have already had a demonstration of the fact that Boruto is able to gain an incredible speed in his fight against Shizuna in which he used the jutsu called “Naruto Stream” and, in addition, when he activated his Jougan while dealing with the Nue, although it’s still not clear at all, it seems that Boruto had transferred the Nue in another dimension using his dojutsu.

For this reasons, I believe that, in the future, he will develop his abilities and he will gain some techniques which would be very similar to an enhanced version of the Body Flicker jutsu or also to Shisui’s Teleport jutsu, but always remaining a level under Minato’s Flying Raijin.

  1. Foreseeing Some Events In The Future

In the end, the most particular (but not less probable) ability supposedly gained by Boruto would be the one which would allow him, thanks to his dojutsu, to see some moments in the future. Although I can’t say for sure if he will be able to see those moments in an unknown future or if he would see them in the closer future, I came to this conclusion because, in the second opening of the anime, we can see Boruto looking at his own back as a teenager, so this, in my opinion, is a Kishimoto’s way of making us understand that he will be able to foresee some events.


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