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Boruto Sequel: Will There Be a Boruto Shippuden?

Boruto Uzumaki.
Boruto Uzumaki.

With Kurama’s death and Sasuke losing his Rinnegan, it’s almost confirmed that the series is going to draw more lime-light on Boruto and the new generation of shinobis. Despite the show’s widespread popularity in recent times, it’s an undeniable fact that classic characters like Naruto, Sasuke, and Shikamaru are still the center of attention, rather than the newly added characters. However, don’t get disheartened yet; our outlook may completely change once these young ninjas grow up into fine teenagers, much like how Naruto’s popularity increased ten folds ever since the release of Naruto Shippuden.

Being a die-hard Naruto fan, I can completely understand why people are so obsessed about its possible sequels and spin-offs. Although he has successfully achieved his dream of becoming the Hokage, the thought of not being able to see our favorite characters ever again fills our hearts with a sense of insecurity. Thus, the only way to keep the ‘Will of Fire’ burning in our hearts is to hope that the Boruto series runs long enough to inspire today’s kids like what Naruto did to us.

Now, will the Boruto series ever receive its ‘Shippuden’ sequel as well? If yes, will it receive a similar boom in popularity? We have brought you everything that you need to know.

The Necessary Time Skip

Be it Dragon Ball Z or Naruto Shippuden, the secret behind the success of these sequel series is a time skip introduced at an adequate arc ending. Think for yourself, what’s better than seeing your favorite anime characters grow up with you? Unless you are a Pokemon fan, there shouldn’t be any debate regarding this topic.

Boruto and Kawaki

Well, Boruto and his friends can’t possibly be spacing out or resting during this time skip. The ‘Shippuden’ strategy won’t work unless there’s considerable growth in the power levels and personality of the main characters. Remember how hard Naruto and Sasuke trained under Jiraiya and Orochimaru, respectively? I wonder who will take the same responsibilities for the new-age ninjas.
With Isshiki Otsutsuki death, and the introduction of younger supervillains like Code, Eida, and Daemon, the series is gradually heading towards the perfect opportunity for a much-required break.

Will there be a Boruto’ Shippuden?’

Considering that the newly introduced supervillains aren’t going to be defeated or killed any time soon, there’s a very high possibility that studio Pierrot may go with the same strategy once again. If that turns out to be the case, the original Naruto fans may get disappointed after seeing the lack of uniqueness in the Boruto series. Thus, it’s completely on Studio Pierrot to ensure that Boruto manages to stand out of its prequel series, thereby forming a fan base of its own.

Talking of fanbase, I must include that according to subreddits, only 19% of Naruto fans are Boruto fans. I have come across tons of people who dropped Boruto because it lacks the dark and gloomy theme that characters like Itachi, Madara, and Obito have brought in the original series.
Here’s an advice for anyone who wants to give Boruto a shot, try not to compare the Boruto series with the one you grew up watching; there’s a high chance that you may get upset. In fact, the fans who watch Boruto without giving Naruto a try often find Boruto’s life and his adventures to be more interesting than Naruto’s.

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Boruto ‘Shippuden’ or ‘Raiden?’

Let’s say that Boruto will get a sequel series; what will be its name? Will it be Boruto Shippuden? To know that, we must understand the word ‘Shippuden’ first. In Japanese, ‘Shippuden’ means strong wind, which clearly refers to Naruto and his wind-style chakra nature. The title itself hinted to us that Naruto would be working on improving his wind style chakra control, and he eventually came up with the deadliest wind style jutsu, Rasenshuriken. If the Boruto series follows the same pattern, ‘Boruto: Raiden’ will be a more fitting name to its sequel series. I hope that you have already guessed by now that Raiden means ‘Thunder,’ which will go perfectly with Boruto’s lighting chakra nature. Moreover, keeping the name Boruto Shippuden will create an ocean of confusion for first-time Naruto viewers.

Boruto: Naruto the Movie

Boruto Uzumaki

But, you will be very wrong if you think Boruto Shippuden and Boruto Raiden are the only two options we have. In Reddit, I saw a lot of fans voting for the “Boruto: The Last Shinobi’ title, and it makes sense since Boruto’s dream is to become a fine Shinobi like Sasuke. Not to mention that such an awkward title definitely hints towards the fall of the Shinobi world in the near future, and I think it’s too far-fetched to think about it right now.

Possible Plot of Boruto Sequel Series

There are two possibilities, either it will revolve around a deadlier villain, who is yet to be introduced, or it will continue with the events of the already introduced ones like Code, Eida, and Daemon with their full potential unlocked. For example, Code will get a lot stronger once his chakra limiters are removed, and I don’t think Eida has unleashed the full extent of her powers yet.

Code and Ada

Code and Eida.

Who knows, we may get to see the growth of these existing supervillains along with the introduction of other evil characters simultaneously. In fact, I think that’s the most logical approach that the sequel show should have.

Final Thoughts

I grew up watching and reading Naruto for 15 long years; it has certainly acquired an irreparable place in my heart. So, it’s kinda evident that loyal Naruto fans like me will never place Boruto in the same position no matter how much better the series gets. Yet, we will be more than happy to see Boruto series be the torch-bearer of the new generation otakus so that they can proudly say that they belong to the “Boruto Generation.”
However, despite my understanding attitude, I can’t promise to keep myself calm if I find my kids calling Boruto’s adventures greater than that of Naruto someday in the future.

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