Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 70 Release Date, Spoilers

The previous episode of Boruto more or less confirmed the end of the Chocho Arc. It was a pretty funny arc and it allowed things to cool down. Before we begin with the post, let me warn you that this post is full of spoilers, so read ahead at your risk, let’s start with the post.

In the previous episode, we saw that Tomaru was kidnapped by the mysterious ninjas with masks. In order to release him, the kidnappers demanded a ransom. They put the condition that the ransom should be paid by Ashina, who is the main actress.

Chocho went crazy over the loss of his new crush, Tomaru. He was furious that the Konoha jounin were unable to prevent Tomaru’s kidnapping. Now, moving to the next episode; the next episode of Boruto will be titled “The Opposing Side of Anxiety,” and it will come on August 23, 2018. The episode will be focused on Metal Lee, one of the most promising Konoha genin.

Boruto Episode 70

We all know that Metal is very good at fighting but, his nervousness is a huge problem for him. It has hindered his progress. In the episode, we will see Metal training with his father Rock Lee to overcome his nervousness. He is being trained by his father to make him capable of using the Eight Inner Gates.

Metal Lee believes that he has a trick up his sleeve that could help him to overcome his anxiety. However, the plan doesn’t work, and Metal is fed up with trying. So, he stops training on his father’s order. Metal Lee meets Might Guy, one of the key figures from the Fourth Great Ninja War.

Might Guy gives Metal some advice on how to improve his skills and overcome his biggest weakness. The episode will be quite special as we will see Might Guy appearing after a very long time. So, it should be fun.

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