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Preview & Recap: Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 208

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations
Sarada Uchiha

Team Seven has recently get joined by a new member Kawaki after arriving in another dimension. They are fighting to free Lord Seventh, who is trapped inside a metal bolder. The battle between Lord Boro and Team Seven continues in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. After being smashed with Rasengan, Boro managed to regenerate instantly. Kawaki comments that they are fighting with a monster. Boro said that he had gained the ultimate body, and he is a being that’s surpassed humans. He vows that no Shinobi can beat him at this point which angers Boruto. The episode is titled ”Regeneration.”

Boro notices that Mistuku will be a threat since he will be the one exposing his plans. Mitsuki managed to use Boro’s virus after his snakes bite Boro to revive Boruto. They are glad that they have managed to make antibodies using Boro and Boruto’s blood. Boruto teases Boro that he fights a dirty fight and replies that the brats won’t beat him. Team Seven switched positions, and Boro realizes that they are making a pincer attack. Kawaki is still worried that they are taking time to save Lord Seventh. Boro realizes that he has to destroy their formation and head to the bolder.

Boruto wonders what Boro will do to his father. Boro comments that he has ways to break their teamwork. Kawaki tried to attack Boro, who unleashes Shuriken that explodes when making contact with Kawaki. Boruto wonders if Kawaki has exploded, but Kawki survived that blow. Boro is impressed that Kawaki protects Hokage, and the rest of the team arrives. Boruto reminds Kawaki to stick to the plan, or he will get killed. Boro told Kawaki that hanging around these brats has made him weak.

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Previously on Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 207

Boro told Kawaki that they are going home together and he will restrain him; the four told Boro that they would protect Hokage. Boro asks them what they will do to save Hokage. Boruto scolds Boro for saying that he can save the world. Boro comments that he will be taking the Karma brat home. Boruto and Mitsuki charge and Kawaki hold Sarada’s arm, asking her for a favor. Boruto unleashes Shadow Clones and tosses them towards Boro.

A three-way battle begins as the exchange blow with Boro. Boruto gets excited when Rasengan cuts Boro’s arm. But Boro regenerates and pins the two with the ground. Sarada realizes that she can’t wait and decided to smash Boro after realizing that Lighting Style and Fire Style are too dangerous. She fires some weapons, and Boro uses Lava Style. While his attention got diverted, Mistuki wraps him with snakes.

Boruto’s New Karma Form

Kawaki teleports in front of Boro after releasing his Karma and blows Boro using a red beam. Boro’s body cuts into pieces, and Boruto wonders if they have eliminated Boro. Boro wakes up and revives, and they realize that he will keep on regenerating. Boruto wonders if the battle will end soon. Mitsuki realizes that if they don’t get their plans together, they won’t leave this place alive. Kawaki suggests attacking Boro with everything they have. Mitsuki thinks they can’t win like that since he keeps on regenerating.

Boro is naked since his clothes have got destroyed, and Sarada can’t believe that they are fighting a naked guy. Boro asks Team Seven if they have finished with their strategy meeting. Sarada allows the boys to attack as she uses the powers of her eyes to locate weak spots. Boruto continues with the same strategy as Shadow  Clone Jutsu, and Mitsuki follows with heavy skrikes. Sarada realizes that Kawaki told her about Boro’s limit and that it is their key to win this fight after destroying Boro’s core.

Sarad realizes that if they destroy the core, Boro won’t regenerate, and it will be their victory. She keeps on using her Sharingan to locate the ”core,” but she is worried that it is taking time. Mitsuki strikes with Striking Shadow Snake Assault that bites Boro, who uses flames to burn them. Sarada manages to find the core and wonders what to do since he tells the boys, Boro will notice and move his ”core.” Sarad unleashed Chidori, took the heart out and managed to free Lord Seventh. But a chubby Boro stomp Mitsuki. Boruto changes into a new form with a blue line Karma and a horn.

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Boruto: Naruto-Next Generations Episode 208 Release Date

The latest Boruto: Naruto-Next Generations Episode 208 release date is 18 July 2021. Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is available online on Crunchyroll and AnimeLab.

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