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Spoilers & Recap: Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 206

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 206 Preview and Recap

The era of the villain Jigen has begun as he rises to retrieve his vessel Kawaki. The brawl has already started with Naruto and Sasuke vs. Jigen and causes the two to unleashes their trump card, but Jigen seems to have a better trump card than them. The villain showed them the powers of Ten-Tails that are beyond their imaginations. Jigen punished Naruto and Sasuke. But the battle ended as Jigen decided to teleport back to his territory since he has lost a lot of energy dealing with those two shinobi. We will soon witness the powers of the Karma boys. Let’s take a look at what Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 206 will offer below.

The episode begins with a broken picture of Lord Seventh and a hand of Kawaki on the floor. The episode title is ”Proof.” Team 7 talked about Lord Seventh’s Charka after realizing Kawaki’s hand dislocates on its own and falls on top of Naruto’s picture. Kawaki is surprised after getting immobilized with Shadow Paralysis Jutsu. Shikamaru arrived and told Kawaki that he must not try something fishy since this is the second time he is using this Jutsu on Kawaki.

Boruto wonders why Kawaki is getting restraining. Shikamaru reveals that the enemy arrived here and Naruto disappeared has something to do with Kawaki. He wants Kawaki to explains what is happening or if he is the spy, and he brought Jigen on purpose. Tasuki sealed the Uzumaki Household with an unbreakable barrier. Shikamaru landed on the ground and heads towards Kawaki, and said he is preventing Kawaki from escaping and no one will enter this premises.

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Shikamaru reveals that Kawaki is the vital clue in locating Naruto, and they are not sure if the enemy won’t come back without reinforcements. He orders the Shinobi warriors to search for traces of Naruto and the enemy. Shikamaru erased his Shadow Paralysis Jutsu and said he respects the way Lord Seventh treated Kawaki. But if Kawki tries to do something, he won’t hesitate to take him down. Shikamaru asks what happened to Naruto. The Karma boy replies that he knows nothing and wants to save Lord Seventh.

Kawaki reveals that the enemy is Jigen and Sarada realizes that it is the guy he told them about the other day. Kawaki agrees and said Jigen is the leader of Kara, and he appeared in front of them. Shikamaru adds that the Sensory Unit reported that same thing to him. Kawaki also said his Karma showed patterns he has never seen before after it hurts. A crack opened in space-time and Jigen emerged. Shikamaru wonders if it is Transportation Ninjutsu. Sarada wonders why Jigen took away Lord Seventh.

Kawaki said that Naruto tried to protect him and got in Jigen’s way. Jigen took Lord Seventh to kill him somewhere, and he will return to retrieve the vessel. Shikamaru comments that Transportation is not something that anyone can perform. The guys find that Jigen and Naruto are at another dimension fighting. Shikamaru thinks if they get lucky, Jigen can get defeated in that dimension. But Naruto has no way to return using his powers. Boruto realizes that Sasuke can use his Transportation Ninjutsu to locate Kawaki.

Transportation Ninjutsu

Shikamaru said that Sasuke has returned to the village from his mission critically injured and unconscious. Sarada got surprised by who beat her dad and make him lose consciousness. Fortunately, the Medical Corps is helping Sasuke to recover, and Boruto wonders if it is the Kara that beat Sasuke. Shikamaru replies that Sasuke will explain everything when he regains consciousness and wonders if Kawaki is hiding something. Boruto is surprised that Shikamaru doesn’t trust Kawaki.

Shikamaru said that Kawaki might be a member of Kara sent in to spy and destroy the Leaf. Kawaki accepted to be confined, but Boruto is not pleased, and Lord Seventh’s advisor is glad they are on terms. Jigen arives at his territory, and Amado comments that Jigen enjoys having fun, but he used all of his chakras. Code can’t believe that there are guys who can give Jigen trouble. Delta knows that this is Naruto’s doings, and Amado asks if Jigen eliminated the Hokage.

Delta asks about Kawaki, and Jigen replies that Uchiha Sasuke and Hokage are out of the picture, Leaf is practically defenseless. Jigen expresses how he got carried away and ran out of chakra, but they will head back to get Kawaki. He also reveals that Kawaki is on the verge of awakening as a perfect Otsutsuki. Boro arrived at Leaf and met with Koji, and the Karma boys worked together and unleashed a Transportation Ninjutsu and head to rescue Naruto. Kawaki told Shikamaru that he would bring proof of his innocence.

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 206 Release Date

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 206 release date is 4 July 2021, at 5:30 PM JST. Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is available online on CrunchyrollΒ andΒ AnimeLab.

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