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Boruto Naruto Next Generations Chapter 61: Spoilers and Preview

Boruto Naruto Next Generations

The story beyond the Karma mystery is still unsolved while Code wants to avenge the death of his master that he considered his God. Let’s find more about Shinobi life and the Ninja way on the recent development of Boruto Naruto Next Generations. Code and Eida talked about their plans, and a strange boy name Daemon arrives. Daemon toys with Code, and Eida reminds Daemon to have manners. Daemon teases Code to take care of Eida. Code witnessed the powers of Daemon when he pulverized a guy passing by. The chapter begins with Daemon crouching with a hand on his cheek. The chapter title is ”Place to Belong.”

Shikamaru and other Shinobi investigate clues about Code. Shikamaru reveals that Code shows up where he left a mark, and he might be after Ten-Tails. The Shinobi with Shikamaru said other villages are reporting multiple claw marks. Shikamaru is worried that one guy is giving five villages a hard time. He talked with the other Shinobi’s about the Kara Outers, but they didn’t get information. Shikamaru realizes that the claw marks are only their lead. They both talked about keeping an eye on Naruto, Boruto, Sasuke, Amado, and Kawaki since the enemy has unfinished business with them.

Kawaki is sitting out alone wondering about something, and Sumire continues with her conversation with Amado. Sumire asks Amado what he will do with Kawaki once he restored Kawaki’s Karma. Amado replies that he is not hiding anything, and this is the matter that he and Kawaki will settle. Amado said that he knows that Sumire doubts him, but he has intentions of harming Konoha. Sumire saw a container and asks Amado, who told her to leave since he is busy.

Boruto Naruto Next Generations Chapter 60 Highlights

Sumire wonders why Amado is not opening up about his experiments. Amado spoke about the equipment he shared with Katatsuke and created a powerful Konoha ally. Sumire wonders what powerful ally Amado is talking about; meanwhile, Dameon enjoys riding on Code’s back. Code told Dameo that playtime is over, and Dameon teases him that he has no stamina. Code call Eida to talked with Dameon, who can’t stop playing.

Eida reminds Code that he has become new Dameon’s best friend, and she is happy. Dameon saw the old geezer that revives Eida and jumps on his back. The old geezer is too weak to carry him and smashes his face with the ground. Dameon scolds the old geezer that they are meeting for the first time, and he is falling. The geezer whispers that is why he hates this kid. Dameon rides on the old geezer while they crawl on the floor.

The two saw Code’s claw marks and wonders what is happening. Dameon asks Code what is happening. Code replies that it is his ability and he can move freely between claw marks. Code decided to make a demonstration using the old geezer. He pulled the old geezer toward him using the claw marks. Dameon is impressed by Code’s technique. The old geezer thanks Code since he pulled him out of Dameon.

Boruto Naruto Next Generations

Boruto Naruto Next Generations

Brand New Power

Code notice that Daemon possesses tremendous powers and asks him to explain. Eida interferes and told Code that they can’t reveal their trump card now. Code replies that they can trust him. Eida shows that she has said that Dameon reflects attacks in the past, saying that for now, Code comments that Eida is a tough one when it comes to secrets. Eida reminds Code that they have not met for so long, and she can expose everything at once.

Dameon notices that Code and Eida won’t stop arguing and said he would tell Code next time. At the village, Kawaki enters the store and sees that the citizen is gossiping about him. Boruto talked with his mother about Kawaki and realizes that he hasn’t come for dinner. Lord Seventh meet with Kawaki and spoke about what’s boring him. Kawaki said there is no place for him anywhere in this village, and he loves staying near the faces of Hokage statues. Kawaki also talked about Jigen and that he is a troublesome outsider.

The two head home, and Kawaki gets a welcome party. Boruto offered Kawaki a Shinobi headband and told him that he would become a complete Ninja. Kawaki put on a headband and decided to put it around his neck. The trio went to bed, and Naruto told Kawaki that Konoha is a place where anyone, even Kawaki, can live at ease, and if not, there is no point in him being Hokage. The two fall asleep, and Kawaki thinks about acquiring brand new power to protect the village and Lord Seventh. Kawaki thinks that Amado’s plan is perfect.

Boruto Naruto Next Generations Chapter 61 Release Date

The latest Boruto Naruto Next Generations Chapter 61 release date is 18 August 2021. Boruto Naruto Next Generations Chapters are available on VIZ Media and Shueisha’s Manga plus; you can also look at Boruto Naruto Next Generations Chapter 60: Preview And Recap.

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