Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Chapter 60 Spoilers

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Boruto chapter 60 spoilers
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations.

It’s finally the time of the month that Boruto fans wait for with anticipation. Kishimoto’s manga is unfolding many new details until the big showdown between Boruto and Kawaki versus Code, Ada, and Daemon. The development of the recent chapters is crazy. We are met with suspicion, mystery, and overwhelmingly powerful characters. Boruto: Naruto Next Generations has had a great flow, especially this arc. The manga is taking its time entering the climax but the time is worth it. It’s like waiting for a fruit to ripe before cherishing the taste and fans are loving this build-up. With new chapters coming after a month, I bet the fandom is getting a little impatient. However, Boruto Chapter 60 spoilers are out and we are ready to spill them out.

Mikio Ikemoto’s illustrations never stop impressing me. Once again, the upcoming chapter is blessed with his gentle stroke on the characters. Knowing the summary of the chapter might be one thing, but the surprise of the illustrations is what adds to the plot’s fun. Bug’s fearful face and the character’s expressions deliver more emotions to the entire chapter. The chapter’s plot overall was yet another crafty business. We discovered more details and perhaps a new path for the shinobi’s victory against the cyborgs. As we dig deep, we get a clearer picture of the story that Kishimoto is trying to paint.

Feeling impatient? Here are all the Boruto Chapter 60 spoilers that have been leaked.

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Previously on Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

The recent arc so far has been quite interesting. Amado is revealed to have a way to re-create Kawaki’s karma. At the same time, Amado also steps into the boundaries of our suspicion. The character has been a favourite to many. What goes on in his head, no one can tell. On Code and Ada’s end, we meet with a new character, Daemon. He is Ada’s true brother and her second Knight. Daemon was the main focus of the last chapter. His ability allows him to reflect his target’s attacks towards themselves. Ada also reveals that his reflection grows stronger with the increase in his opponent’s kill intent.

No matter how we look at it, the cyborgs are loaded with powerful abilities. The Shinobi, although strong, do not seem like they have enough ways to retaliate. Naruto has been nerfed, Kawaki does not have his karma. With no big card under their sleeve, the Shinobi’s victory is hard to attain. Kishimoto knows just how to keep us on our toes. With so many exciting questions rising from the last chapter, waiting for the next chapter was even more nerve-wracking! Are Code and the others leaving the snowy wonderland soon? How will Kawaki get stronger without his karma? How powerful is Daemon? We hope our questions get answered soon!

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Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Chapter 60 Spoilers

The next chapter is titled ‘Where You Belong.’ Chapter 60 of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations continues from where the previous chapter left off. Here are all the Boruto chapter 60 spoilers you had been waiting for.

Boruto chapter 60 spoilers
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

The chapter opens with a scene set on the roof of the Hokage Office. Ibiki, Shikamaru, and Sai are sharing every information they had gathered about Code with each other. Shikamaru reveals that he had found certain markings throughout the town. These marks, as per his suspicions are made by Code and he believes that he can transfer in between these Claw Marks. He also deduces that it also means that Code cannot use space-time ninjutsu. However, he can arrive at any location where he has imprinted his Claw Marks. Sai tells them that there hasn’t been any marking inside the village, though there were four markings found on the village’s outer wall. Ibiki however shares that they have found several marking in other villages.

However, no one has ever seen anyone make those markings. Hence the three decide to follow the marks even if they are a bluff, hoping it would lead them to Code. In a distance, Kawaki is seen overhearing their conversation. Two other shinobi have spotted him too but they do not react to his presence.

Amado and Sumire

We come back to Amado’s lab in the next panel. The conversation between Amado and Sumire from the previous chapter continues. Sumire is still insisting that he tell her about his plans for Kawaki. Amado dodges her question but assures her that he is not planning to betray Konoha. Sumire is still doubtful of his attention. Her eyes fall on a container in the corner of the lab. The dark shade of the next panel indicates the presence of something important in it. She questions Amado about the contents of this container. Once again, he dodges her question and saying that he is busy. When Sumire does not stop being persistent, he tells ensures her again that he is not planning to betray Konoha and instead is trying to create a strong ally for Konoha using his technology.

Sumire is shocked but Amado does not reveal any more about the mysterious container.

Code, Ada, Daemon, and Bug

The next panel shows us Daemon riding on Code’s back just like he did in his introductory scene. Ada enjoys the scene. As Bug tries to walk away but Daemon spots him and smashes his face. In the next panels, Code illustrates to them how he moves from Claw Mark to Claw Mark (thus confirming Shikamaru’s theory to the readers). He even shows them that he can also transfer other people with him using his ability. However, he can only transfer one person at a time. After showing his ability, he asks Ada and Daemon to him more about their abilities. Daemon is about to answer him but is stopped by Ada. She tells him that they must not reveal all their cards.

Code and Ada
Code and Ada.

When Code asks if she still does not trust me, she brushes it off saying that she has already told him what’s necessary and that’s enough for now. Code continues asking her if she has any more abilities, she leaves him in doubt by giving him an unclear answer. There is a huge possibility that Ada has more hidden abilities yet to be revealed.

Kawaki, Boruto, and Boba Pills

The next panel shows Kawaki in a store. As he looks at the onigiri, he thinks about how Jigen told him that he does not belong to the Uzumaki family. Back at the Uzumaki home, Boruto reveals that he has been taking the boba pills for about a week two times a day but have not felt any change. Hinata is worried that Kawaki has not arrived home since he always arrives before dinner.

Kawaki is on the Hokage Monument meanwhile, about to eat the onigiri he bought. But, Naruto appears from somewhere. He asks Kawaki why he is eating this when Hinata must have already made dinner back at home. Kawaki lies that he is tired of Hinata’s cooked meals and wishes to eat this. However, Naruto figures out his lie. Kawaki tells him how he has started liking Konoha but does not feel like he belongs here. As he is talking, Naruto picks him up on his shoulder and carries him home saying that he does not care about what Isshiki said to him in the past and that he will take him home.

Boruto’s Present

On reaching home, Naruto and Kawaki are greeted by a huge feast. When Kawaki asks what it is about, Naruto replies that they hadn’t welcomed him properly. In the centre of the dining table lies the vase he had fixed previously. Boruto tells Kawaki that he wants to give him something precious. On being asked, he reveals his old hitai-ate. Kawaki says that he cannot have it since Boruto wouldn’t have one if he takes it. Boruto reveals that he has borrowed Sasuke’s hitai-ate. He adds that he will lend his to Kawaki until Kawaki becomes a shinobi himself.

Boruro Kawaki
Boruto and Kawaki.

Kawaki accepts it awkwardly. Hinata tells him to try it. Boruto teases him saying that it looks bad on him. Hinata and Himawari compliment him. Naruto tells him that he will get used to it. Kawaki slides it down to his neck. Himawari notices it and tells him that many people wear it like that as well.

Boruto encourages him to grow as a shinobi.

‘Where You Belong’

In the final panels, we see a deep conversation between Naruto and Kawaki, who is still holding on to Boruto’s hitai-ate. Naruto tells him that Konoha is where he belongs. Seems like he has finally found a place to belong.

In the end, Kawaki decides to find a way to fight back without his Karma, determined to protect Naruto and the village.

Naruto Kawaki
Naruto and Kawaki

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Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Chapter 60 Release Date

Boruto Chapter 60 spoilers had quite a fluffy and wholesome ring around it towards the end. The illustrations are so much worth looking forward to. Boruto Chapter 60 release date is 20 July 2021. You can read the manga on Viz Media or on Shueisha’s Manga Plus app.

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