Boruto Episode 85 – Sekki And Boruto Unites, Shikadai In Trouble

Boruto Episode 85

More and more about Mitsuki’s arc are being unveiled by Boruto and his friends. It was revealed that Ohnoki made Kuu and the others using his cells, that’s why they are not the same as the other mindless Akutas. What’s even worse, at least for Boruto, is that he need to find a pebble in order to get out of the Sanzu Plains. In┬áBoruto Episode 85, it seems like a new character will be introduced. He will be helping Boruto find his “Heart of Stone”.

It can be remembered that to survive in the dry lands of the Sanzu Plains, Boruto will need to find his own Heart of Stone. The stone is not just a simple stone and is the only key in getting out of that place. One shinobi from the Hidden Rock village will find Boruto and Ohnoki while they’re there. It seems like Sekki is someone who is also training in the place, but cannot also find the stone for him. Because of this, he and Boruto will team up and try to solve the puzzle they’re trapped into.

Meanwhile, it seems like Kuu’s plan will finally commence, but he got something that he wanted to do first. Shikadai is out of his cell for some reason, but the Tsuchikage is not with him. He was seen laying in an operating room where the curly-haired doctor is observing him. The doctor told him that he will die because of the mission that he’s about to undergo. What will happen to Shikadai? Will Mitsuki try to help him in the end?

Boruto Episode 85

That’s it for┬áBoruto Episode 85. There has been no news about a new arc, so Mitsuki Arc is expected to last until the year ends. Will they make it out alive? What will happen to Ohnoki after this? Will he be labeled as a traitor, or will he die in this arc? We will know in the future episodes.


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