Boruto Episode 83 Spoilers – Is Ohnoki Guilty?

Boruto Naruto Next Generation Episode 72

As surprising as it is, Ohnoki seems to be working with Lord Kuu, the leader of the group who controls the Akuta. The might be the reason why Ohnoki refused to help them. Now that they’re under attack, will Boruto and his group manage to go back to their meeting place? Is Ohnoki really guilty or not?

Based on the last episode of Boruto, there’s a lot of reason to think that Ohnoki is actually one of the masterminds for what’s happening in the Hidden Stone Village. Standing beside Ohnoki is Lord Kuu, who sent the Akutas to attack Boruto and the team. Even in the preview, Ohnoki said that “You see, Mitsuki’s cooperation is crucial to our plans.” Here’s the preview for those who haven’t seen it yet.

Because they’re at a disadvantage because of Akuta’s numbers, and it is easier to escape alone, Boruto and the others will decide to go to where Inojin is currently hiding. Is this really something that Ohnoki would do? However, if you think about it, Ohnoki tried to save them in the last episode. He tried to send them away with Akatsuchi, and they might’ve escaped scratchless if they did not ask him any further questions. If he’s really one of the masterminds, then he might’ve got a reason to get involved with shady activities. Hopefully, his reason will be revealed in Boruto episode 83.

Meanwhile, Mitsuki will finally reach Kokuyou’s hideout with Sekiei next episode. While in the hideout, Sekiei will welcome him as one of his friends. It seems like Sekiei will finally acknowledge Mitsuki as his friend. This is the first time that Mitsuki will meet someone outside Boruto and the others from the Hidden Leaf. Will this affect his reunion and his insight with Boruto and the others. We will know more in Boruto episode 83.

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