Boruto Episode 83 – Ohnoki’s Justice

In the previous episode of Boruto, it came as a surprise when Ohnoki, someone who seems to be an ally, is also the one who started this project. Ohnoki is even called “Father” by the one who is known as “Lord Kuu”, the mastermind in the plan of using Mitsuki. In Boruto episode 83, it is expected that Ohnoki’s reason for doing such a plan will be revealed.

Boruto Episode 83 – The Escape Plan

Boruto and the others believed that finding Ohnoki is the first thing they need to do in order to find help inside the Hidden Stone Village. In an unexpected turn of events, it turns out that finding Ohnoki is finding the enemy firsthand. Now that they’ve been surrounded by Akutas and Lord Kuu, there is nowhere to run and hide inside the Hidden Stone Village. Here’s the preview for Boruto episode 83.

Interestingly, Ohnoki mentioned that they need Mitsuki in order to keep the peace of the world undisturbed. However, killing the Jonins of the Hidden Leaf Village, kidnapping the current Tsuchikage, and making a secret organization that uses modified shinobis doesn’t seem to be the greatest peacekeeping method out there. Is Ohnoki really the leader behind this terrorism? Or is he just a victim to Lord Kuu’s schemes?

Having no choice but to escape, Boruto and his team need to split up to get away. They will need to get in the meeting place individually and meet up with Inojin outside the town. Will they successfully make it out of the Hidden Stone Village in Boruto episode 83?

Meanwhile, Mitsuki is on Kokuyo’s hideout together with the other modified Hidden Stone shinobi. While he’s at their hideout, it seems like Sekiei will be officially welcoming him as a “friend”. Did Mitsuki actually betray Boruto and the Hidden Leaf? His will might be revealed in Boruto episode 83, so stay tuned for more updates.

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