Boruto Episode 82 Spoilers – Will Boruto Start A War?

Since the group managed to go this far, Boruto decided to infiltrate the Hidden Stone Village and seek the help of old Ohnoki in the last episode of Boruto. The old man might know something about Lord Ku and his group. Meanwhile, as per Boruto episode 82 spoilers, Naruto and his colleagues in Konoha is getting more worried by each minute. What will Naruto do in order to guarantee the children’s safety?

Boruto Episode 82 Spoilers – Konohamaru’s New Mission

Boruto and the others decided to infiltrate the Hidden Stone Village to learn more about the group that took Mitsuki. In order to do that, they will need to find the third Tsuchikage, Ohnoki, who they befriended during the Five Kage Summit. In case of emergency, the group decided to leave Inojin behind with his new pet to deliver the message back home.

However, according to Boruto episode 82 spoilers, someone is also spying on Boruto’s group while they’re infiltrating the village. Is this character an ally or an enemy? And will this character affect what will happen to Mitsuki? Is this one from Lord Ku’s akutas?

Meanwhile, Naruto and the others are getting worried because they are unable to make contact with their Jounins. If the Jounins found themselves in danger, what happened to Boruto and the rest of the deserters? Because of this, Naruto decided to send someone that can look upon things; whether it be for the Jounins or for Boruto and co. And that someone who will be tasked to follow Boruto and the team is no other than Konohamaru, the leader of Team 7. Afterall, his whole team is in danger, and one of them is directly involved.

boruto episode 82 spoilers

By infiltrating the Hidden Stone Village, will Boruto and his team ignite a war between the two villages? Will he ever get Mitsuki back to Konoha? And what will happen to them after deserting the town? We will know more in the next chapters.

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