Boruto Episode 82 – Infiltrating The Hidden Stone Village

In the previous episode of Boruto, the group decided to resume and chase Mitsuki. This also means that they need to infiltrate the Hidden Stone Village to proceed. In order to find out more about the enemy, Boruto’s group will try to find Oonoki, the third Tsuchikage. Will they be able to find him in Boruto episode 82?

Boruto Episode 82 – The Search For Oonoki Starts

With the help of Garaga, Boruto managed to get himself together and woke up from his own dream. Inojin is still able to manage his pet Akuta. Now that they were entering the Hidden Stone Village, they need to disguise and find Oonoki. As per the preview, Boruto and the group will change their clothing and will infiltrate the Hidden Stone Village successfully.

It can be remembered that Team 7 already met Oonoki during the Kage Summit in Konoha. He and his group escorted the former Tsuchikage and toured him around. While they’re at it, he asked a very important question to the group and that question seems to rouse something about Mitsuki’s curiosity.

What’s even more interesting is that in Boruto episode 82, the group might be in danger inside the Hidden Stone Village. According to spoilers, someone will be watching over them during their infiltration. But who might be the one who’s watching over them? Is it the pet Akuta that Inojin got in the forest? Come to think of it, what was the Akuta doing in a place near Inojin and co.? Was it sent by the enemies to spy on Boruto and the others?

Boruto Episode 82

That’s it for Boruto episode 82 spoilers. It seems like this Mitsuki Arc will continue for more episodes to give manga the time to get new materials. Hopefully, this arc will not disappoint and will feature more of Mitsuki and his motivations.

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