Boruto Episode 79 – Reunion With Mitsuki

In the last episode of Boruto, more information was shown regarding the group that got Mitsuki. It seems like Mitsuki and his company were all under someone who knows about Orochimaru’s research. It seems like the one research they want to have their hands into is no other than Mitsuki. In Boruto episode 79, will he meet with Boruto and the others?

Boruto Episode 79 – Who’s Going To Save Boruto And The Others?

Boruto, Shikadai, and Sarada proceeded in following Mitsuki’s tracks just to talk to their friend. In the last episode, we saw how someone named Kokuyo, the one with the longer hair, can defeat more than a handful of Jonins from Konoha Village. This is an enemy that even Boruto and co. cannot handle.

Spoilers for Boruto episode 79 states that Kokuyo will fight against Boruto and his group. The group will be having a hard time because Kokuyo will be using his Earth creatures to be able to fight back and compromise with the numerical disadvantage. When everything is going downhill, a helper will arrive to help them survive Kokuyo’s attack. They will be able to repel Kokuyo and finally have a reunion with Mitsuki.

From the look of things, the helper seems to be either Sekiei or Mitsuki himself. They are the closest people near Boruto’s group and is an important subject for the Kokuyo’s group. Boruto and his group tried to get Mitsuki back to Konoha to prove his innocence, but he himself will be the one to refuse the offer.

Did Mitsuki decided to follow the dark path and become an enemy ninja to both the Hidden Leaf and the Hidden Stone? Are we gonna see another Sasuke storyline here? What is Mitsuki’s will and how will it affect Boruto and the othes? We will know Mitsuki’s reason in Boruto episode 79.

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