Boruto Episode 77 – A Fierce Enemy, Garaga’s Ferocious Attack

In the last episode of Boruto, Garaga managed to overwhelm Boruto’s group and even petrified Chocho while she’s trying to restrain the snake. In Boruto episode 77, will the team manage to survive and get the Gekirin that the White Snake Sage required? Is there any way to de-petrify Cho Cho? How will they defeat the giant snake?

Boruto Episode 77 – Garaga’s Defeat

Even with the combined power of Boruto, Sarada, Team 10, and Aoda, Garaga still managed to foil their plans. In addition to the injury, Chocho is standing petrified in her expanded state. Not only that, they can’t have any reinforcement because nobody knows where they went (not counting Orochimaru and co.) How will they defeat Garaga and get the Reversed Scale?

Garaga’s stare that can turn anything into stone is problematic already. It turns out that he can also detect the movement and location of his enemy, making his petrifying ability more accurate. This will be a hard battle as even Shikadai’s shadow paralysis technique can’t hold the big snake down. But amidst the battle, Boruto and co. will find something peculiar in Garaga’s movement.

Because of the strangeness of Garaga’s movements, a strategy will be made to counter the snake. The snake will then be cornered, but it seems like it will not give up no matter what the ninjas will do. So in an effort to get his Reversed Scale, as per the spoilers, Boruto will try to make Garaga bite into a deal. There’s no clue yet on what the deal is, but if I am to guess, this might involve a summoning contract between Boruto and Garaga. It is also likely that they will do something about Garaga’s eye with the help of the White Snake Sage if Garaga cooperates with them.

Boruto episode 77 will be aired on October 14, 2018.

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