Boruto Episode 76 New Release Date, Spoilers And Updates

It’s been a while since we actually saw an episode of Boruto. They are now given the task to get the inversed scale from the largest and most dangerous snake in the cave: Garaga. Will the combined team of Team 7 and Team 10 succeed in defeating the gigantic monster? Or is this the hardest fight that they have to face as a joint team? We will see in Boruto episode 76.

Boruto Episode 76 – The Battle Against Garaga

In the last episode, Boruto and the rest were given a task to get the inverse scale from a giant snake called Garaga. For the White Snake Sage, this is a mission to permanently get rid of them. Of course, Boruto will try and will encourage his team to tough it up if they want to save Mitsuki. However, will they still be able to tough it up when the snake that they were facing is not an ordinary snake?

Boruto Episode 76

Boruto, Sarada, and Team 10 will be in trouble because they will be fighting against a ferocious and wild snake. Notably, Garaga is missing its right eye, and we still don’t know how it got its injury. Speculations include that Mitsuki is the one who bested the giant snake when he got his Sage Mode. This speculation might be confirmed or refuted in Boruto episode 76.

Even with the combined power of Team 7 and Team 10, they will still have a problem in fighting Garaga. It was seen in the preview that their initial plan is for Shikadai to trap Garaga’s shadow which will hold the snake in place. The other will then try to get the Gekirin or the inversed scale in Garaga’s under the chin. If that’s the case, the success of this mission will all depend on Shikadai’s capable hands.

After they get the scale, the White Snake Sage will finally try to analyze Mitsuki’s snake. We might finally know the reason why Mitsuki is acting against Konoha. Hopefully, we will know who are the new enemies and why they’re attacking Konoha in Boruto episode 76.

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