Boruto Episode 74 Spoilers – Team 7 vs Team 10

Ever since Mitsuki’s disappearance, the rest of the Konoha is trying to find him. Basically because finding him is the only way they can find the terrorists that attacked the guards and also the reason for the assault. However, Boruto and Sarada are in trouble for venturing on their own without permission. In Boruto episode 74, Shikadai’s team is in charge of bringing them back to Konoha. Will they succeed in escaping their friends?

Boruto Episode 74 – The Fight Between Two Teams

In Boruto episode 74, it is expected that Shikadai and the rest of his team will try to talk Boruto and Sarada out of their plans. Not only is the search a dangerous one, but the two are not suited for this mission because of their emotional attachment to the one being hunted. Shikadai will try his best to get back Boruto and Sarada even though it would mean fighting against them.

But of course, Boruto will not just back down and not do anything. Especially if they have a clue that can help them locate Mitsuki’s whereabouts. They need to find the Ryuchi Cave and talk to the White Snake Sage, and that’s what they should do, not to fight against their other friends.

Because of this, Boruto and Sarada will need to fight against Team Moegi so that they can continue their search for the Ryuchi Cave. There is not an obvious winner when it comes to Boruto VS Shikadai. When Shikadai wins, Boruto and Saruka will have no choice but to go back to Konoha.

Mitsuki’s Snake

For some reason, Shikadai will have a moment with Mitsuki’s snake in Boruto episode 74. It can be seen in the preview that Boruto was caught by Shikadai’s shadow and cannot move. However, it seems like Mitsuki’s snake will interfere in their fight. Shikadai will question Boruto about the snake and it is likely that Boruto will tell the truth.

Boruto Episode 74

There is a possibility that Team Moegi will help them find the Ryuchi Cave. If that will happen, we will see a lot of action as the two teams will try to find the cave and talk to the White Snake Sage. We will know more on Boruto episode 74.

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