Boruto Episode 72 Might Bring Back One Old Character

In the last episode of Boruto, we all see how Ohnoki can still affect the future generation of Shinobis by giving them the wisdom that he gets for over one hundred years of existence; this is especially true to Mitsuki, who was having a crisis about his identity (not the way that you think). In Boruto episode 72, we will know more about Mitsuki’s past with the continuation of his arc.

Boruto Episode 72: Mitsuki’s Will

Mitsuki’s struggling against morally in the last episode of Boruto. When he arrived at this apartment, someone snuck a letter to his bed, burning it after reading it. The next scene shows some Konoha Guards discussing their guard duty when an unseen enemy took them down. Just as this event happened, Mitsuku vanished. Is Mitsuki involved in this incident? If he does, then what is the reason behind this action?

Boruto Episode 72

Meanwhile, Boruto and Sarada visit Mitsuki in his home to tell him that their mission was canceled. However, no Mitsuki was there to receive the news or welcome them. The unknowing pair were concerned about Mitsuki, so they started searching for him. While searching for him, however, they will find a Jonin which is summoned by the Hokage and will inquire what’s going on.

Tsunade Will Finally Appear In Boruto

Kage Summits seem like it is cursed by someone to never end peacefully. Just one day before the Kage Summit ends, an incident that might involve Mitsuki will be tackled in the next episode. But things will get more interesting because someone from the Naruto series will finally appear in Boruto.

As a former Kage, Tsunade is expected to be in the Kage Summit because it is required for them to be there. Even Kakashi participated in the boring mission — by peeling oranges. Will we see some action in the next episode? If there is a battle, it will be nice to see Tsunade’s strength once again, just like Ohnoki in the last episode.

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