Boruto Episode 56: Rivals: Assemble!

Boruto Episode 56

Last Boruto episode 55 was really good, Boruto episode 56 will feature Gai’s student, Tenten and her role in the upcoming Chunin exam, as she will be among the teachers who will guide the generation of genins. Aside from that, Boruto: Naruto Next Generations has just entered its new arc which is the Momoshiki arc. The staff has been for the upcoming episode has been revealed, we have full episode summary and other details as well.

Boruto Episode 56 Preview

Boruto Episode 56 Staff

Episode Director: Takeru Ogiwara
Storyboard: Takeru Ogiwara
Animation Supervisor: Masayuki Kouda

Boruto Episode 56 Summary

Boruto Episode 56

The Chunin exam is about to begin, and everyone is getting nervous. Of course, there is also the competitive side where young Shinobi is taunting other Shinobi from other villages. It is the best time to meet new rivals and create new techniques. The first match of the exam will happen in this episode.

Boruto Anime follows the story of Naruto’ son, Boruto Uzumaki and the rest of the next generation of Ninjas. Boruto has received a lot of criticism from the fans despite actually being really good. Many people just brand it as a rip-off without actually watching the show. That is actually annoying as the fanbase is gonna get ruined in this fashion. I’m sure that the Momoshiki arc will change everything.

You cannot download Boruto Episode 56  but you can watch/stream it online FUNimation and Crunchyroll.