Boruto Episode 107, 108, 109 & 110 Titles Revealed

Boruto Konoha Shinden

Boruto Naruto Next Generations anime has entered its new arc Konoha Shinden. Konoha Shinden is originally a light novel which was released right after the Naruto series was finished. After some awfully made filler episodes, we will get to see some awesome new original content. Konoha Shinden novel was released back in 2016 and has been written by Sho Hinata.

The titles surfaced recently of the upcoming episodes all of which will be covering Konoha Shinden arc. Boruto episode 107 is titled “Steam Ninja Scrolls: A Battle Between Dogs and Cats!”. Boruto episode 108 is titled “Steam Ninja Scrolls: The Phantom Inn!”. Boruto episode 109 is titled “Steam Ninja Scrolls: Potato Chips and a Huge Rock!!”. Boruto episode 110 is titled “Steam Ninja Scrolls: The Reviving Hot Springs”.

So, it is indeed clear that Boruto anime will be at least adapting the light novel Konoha Shinden to at least 110 episode and I think that beyond that Konoha Shinden might be adapted for further episodes as well. Konoha Shinden follows the post-fourth great war story of Kakashi Hatake and Might Guy who plan to take a vacation. They are accompanied by Asuma Sarutobi’s daughter Mirai Sarutobi.

Mirai Sarutobi has been personally assigned by the seventh Hokage of Konohagakure Naruto Uzumaki to escort the two legendary shinobi on their much-deserved vacation. The vacation is taking place between the land of fire and the land of water. Mirai Sarutobi is first given an idea that she is going on an S rank mission by Nanadaime Naruto but she gets disappointed when she gets to know what her mission really is.

This arc is not going to be completely devoid of action. After some awful cat, Chōchō and even the whole boring Mitsuki arc, the fans will be hoping that the anime delivers some good content.

Boruto Episode 107

The last time Boruto anime showed some good content was the Momoshiki arc which was just awesome. Until the anime makers decide to again take up manga again we fans will have to suffer till then.

All we can hope is that Ikemoto changes his mind and starts publishing weekly manga unlike now. Right now we have to wait for a month before getting a new chapter which is exhausting to wait for. Do mention in the comments section down below what your thoughts are regarding Boruto adapting Konoha Shinden light novel. Let us hope for all our Boruto fans that at least this new arc Konoha Shinden is worth watching.

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