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Boruto Chapter 69 Spoilers: Eida vs Delta Showdown

Boruto Chapter 69 Eida vs Delta

Last Updated on November 17, 2022 by OtakuKart Staff

Boruto Chapter 68 shocked us with Code’s sudden visit to Amado’s research cabin. Well, Shikamaru anticipated that happening beforehand. He was well aware of the claw mark that Code left on his back, and there was absolutely no way a genius brain like him could have fallen for such a swallow trick. Will things go the way he has planned? We will find that out in Chapter 69 of Boruto.

We also found out that Delta had been reprogrammed to protect Konoha from any threat. She has grown considerably stronger and she throws Code away with a single kick. Just when we thought that things couldn’t get any worse, Eida shows up on the battlefield. What will she do next? We bring you the latest chapter updates of Boruto: Naruto Next Generation manga.

Boruto Chapter 69 Spoilers and Raw Scans

Chapter 69 will take us to the fateful confrontation between Eida and Amado. I am pretty convinced by the theory that Eida is the daughter that Amado keeps talking about. Although he keeps mourning her death, there’s no way a scientist like Amado could have let that happen. Thus, he experimented on her own daughter, thereby turning her into an invincible cyborg.


The theory perfectly fits in since Eida hates Amado for tampering with her body. She considers Amado responsible for her inability to experience human love. According to some leaked Intel, Kawaki will wake up from his sleep and will confront Eida. Meanwhile, I am very worried about Shikamaru since he has been living on the edges for quite some time and I doubt how much longer he can continue like this.


The newly introduced cyborgs and Amado

Chapter 69 will continue with an intense 1 vs. 1 match between Delta and Eida. It will also be the chapter where Shikamaru will shine as he uses his intelligence to keep Code away from Amado. More raw scans are spoilers are expected to be released. We will try to keep this section updated, so don’t forget to check back.

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Recap of Chapter 68

In chapter 68, all the scientists including Amado are shocked after hearing how Boruto got resurrected. Well, Amado knew that Momoshiki won’t let his vessel die that easily, yet using up a part of karma is beyond his imagination. Now that the Karma is completely used up, Boruto is technically a 100% Otsutsuki with no risk of losing his identity permanently. However, Amado believes that Momoshiki can still take over Boruto’s consciousness just like what happened to Naruto and Kurama in their early days.


Amado can remove Code’s limiters

Moreover, Boruto claims that he has figured out the way to control the Otsutsuki invasion in his consciousness, and he decides not to rely on Amado’s pills any longer. On the other hand, Kawaki is still unconscious after his last battle. Konoha is yet to decide how will it deal with the boy, but I am pretty sure that Naruto won’t abandon him that easily. Later, a heated-up Shikamaru breaks into Amado’s cabin and interrogates him on his real intention behind planting the Karma on him. Amado bluntly justifies that this was exactly what Kawaki wanted deep inside, and things could have been much worse if Kawaki didn’t have it. Just as the argument was getting more intense, Code intervenes to force Amado in removing his limiters.

Boruto Chapter 69 Release Date

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Chapter 69 is scheduled to release on April 20, Wednesday. New and powerful super villains like Eida and Diamon have been introduced lately, so don’t miss out on the new chapters released every 20th of a month.

Where to Read Boruto Chapter 69?

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Chapter 69 will be available on various platforms like vizmedia, mangaplus, and Shonen Jump’s official mobile application. The last three chapters released are free to read, but you must switch to a paid subscription to access the entire catalog.

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