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Boruto Chapter 62 Spoilers: What is Code Planning To Do?

boruto chaoter 62 spoilers

The Boruto manga was not taken very kindly by the fans of Naruto in the beginning. However, Koshimoto proved them wrong and turned the Boruto manga into another one of brilliant works. The manga’s plot armour has been extremely strong for the past few months. It has introduced some severely strong villains along with tragedies that no one must have seen coming. If you have been keeping up with the manga, you know the drill. The Boruto manga is currently in its Post-Kawaki arc. After some very enthusiastic cliffhangers, fans are waiting for the next chapters with enthusiasm. However, for the more than eager fans, we have all the Boruto Chapter 62 spoilers to keep your day going.

The 62nd chapter of Boruto: Naruto Next Generation is one filled with a lot of action. Kishimoto is taking the story to the next level. The wait is over! We are finally going to see Kawaki come face to face with one of the strongest villains so far: Code. If you have been anticipating this for a while like us, this might be one of the most exciting chapters you may have come across recently. The art of this chapter is worth the one month wait which comes along with a very exciting plot.

Here are all the Boruto chapter 62 spoilers to give you a head start about what’s coming ahead in the story.

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Previously on Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

Over the last few chapters of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, Konoha has been stressed over the appearance of Code. Boruto has been taking the boba pills and Kawaki is starting to tense up with the situation at hand. At the same time, there were certain wholesome moments too as Naruto made Kawaki feel at home. The two characters are growing closer. However, with Code’s marks found at different parts outside of Konoha, it seems like an alarming danger is closing in.

We saw the different dangerous abilities that Code possesses. To add up to the amount of trouble, Code is assisted by Ada, yet another strong member of Kara, and her brother Daimon. The three have been planning for a while.

Kawaki leaves Konoha discretely. He leaves his shadow clone behind and erases his chakra signature. Although no one had noticed yet, Boruto senses Kawaki’s presence, which surprises him. He talks to Kawaki’s shadow clone. With Ada’s ability, Clairvoyance, Ada senses Kawaki outside Konoha. Code decides to confront him, travelling through his claw mark.

Waiting to know what’s going to happen next? We are here with all the Boruto chapter 62 spoilers.

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Boruto Chapter 62 Spoilers

Chapter 62 of Boruto is titled “A Chance Encounter”. The chapter continues with the events of the previous chapters.

Boruto announces Kawaki’s Disappearance

Realising Kawaki has run away leaving behind his shadow clone, Boruto decides to alarm the Shinobi responsible for looking over them. However, the middle-aged shinobi does not believe him and claims that he can sense their chakras. Frustrated, Boruto goes to Naruto, who asks the shinobi to check again. But Boruto continues to claim that Kawaki managed to erase his chakra and the one left behind is a shadow clone. Naruto questions him about the situation and doubts if the two are plotting something together. The two move to check on Kawaki’s shadow clone but he has vanished. At the same time, the middle-aged shinobi appears and informs that he cannot sense Kawaki’s chakra anymore.

Tensed by Kawaki’s disappearance, Naruto contacts Shikimaru, Amado, and Ino. They are surprised by the news too and are confused by how he managed to run away without getting traced at all. Shikamaru tries to wonder what Kawaki’s motives are while implying that they must protect him. Ino suggests that she will ask the Sensory Division to look for him but Naruto says that the problem is that they cannot sense his chakra at all.

Restless, Boruto says that they need to look after him Naruto tries to calm him down saying that they need to think carefully and stops him from doing anything reckless. Boruto leaves the Hokage office and decides to look for Kawaki himself. Boruto puts on Sasuke’s headband and his shinobi outfit. He realises that Kawaki was heading west the last time he could sense him.


Boruto Uzumaki.

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Code Vs Kawaki

Kawaki runs away from Konoha. He realises that Boruto must have found out that he has left the village. Meanwhile, Code has been keeping track of Kawaki through Ada, who was using her Clairvoyance. As he is moving, Code attacks Kawaki using the claw marks he had made in the surrounding. Code says that it’s been a long time since they met, The two break into a fight and Kawaki transforms his arm to attack Code, who continues to move through the claw marks and attacks his opponent. He kicks Kawaki and the latter falls to the ground. Ada questions him saying that he might kill Kawaki.

Code suggest that they stop fighting and talk for a while. However, Kawaki continues to attack. Code dodges and appears behind him. He reminds him that Kawaki is outside the village and hence more prone to danger but Kawaki replies saying that he was coming to Code anyway but he was not expecting him to show up himself. Settling down the fight, Code asks Kawaki what he wants. Kawaki questions him back asking if Code was planning to avenge Isshiki, to which Code agrees. He adds that he is targeting 4 people. But Kawaki announces that he was the one who killed Isshiki. So Code should kill him and let everyone else go.

Code’s Refusal

Kawaki plans on sacrificing himself. He blames himself for the entire situation and is ready to give up on his life and protect others. However, Code laughs an evil laugh and tells him that he would not accept his proposal. He hits Kawaki hard in the chest which makes him spit some blood. Meanwhile, Kawaki begs Code to let Konoha go. But Code wouldn’t listen and he kicks Kawaki again, which irritates Ada. He continues to taunt Kawaki as he watches him lying on the ground. Ada, who was watching them while hugging a sleeping Damon, scolds him saying that he has messed up Kawaki’s “beautiful” face enough. Damon wakes up and says that wants to sleep.

boruto chaoter 62 spoilers


Back in the fight, Code slams Kawaki’s face. He tells Kawaki of his plan, which includes him taking over Isshiki’s plan. He is going to bring forth Shinyu and devour everyone’s chakra. Code plans on killing everyone, hence, Kawaki cannot save anyone. He grabs Kawaki by the neck and pulls him up in the air. Code announces that he won’t be killing Kawaki as there is someone who needs him, obviously referring to Ada. This shocks Kawaki. Code does not try to hide his frustration and is about to take him away through his claw mark.

Before Code can leave with Kawaki, Boruto appears. He kicks Kawaki away from Code and stands in between the two foes. He scolds Kawaki asking him about how he didn’t tell Boruto where he was going.

The chapter concludes with Kawaki saying “Boruto”.

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Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Chapter 62 Release Date

As usual, the new chapter of Boruto will bring more exciting events, sprouting more questions in the story. What turn will Boruto’s fight against Code take? Will Naruto come to save them? What will be the reaction of the shinobi when Kawaki tells them of Code’s plan now that he knows Code is working with someone else. With so many questions coming up, waiting for another chapter just got a little better.

boruto manga

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Manga Cover.

The 62nd chapter of Boruto: Next Generations will come out on 20 September 2021, at 20:30 hours. You can catch up with all the latest chapters of the manga on Viz Media or Shueisha’s Manga Plus app. The last three chapters in both the mediums are available for free. Alternatively, you can also buy the Boruto manga from any authentic shopping website.

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