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Boruto: Naruto Next Generation Chapter 59: Spoilers & Plot Summary

Boruto: Naruto Next Generation manga’s new chapter is coming out and I bet after the month’s wait, fans are getting more and more impatient. However, Boruto chapter 59 spoilers are out and we are ready to share them all. For starters, the manga is leveling up their villains fast. At this point, it won’t be unusual to feel scared for Konoha. Normally, these chapters leave a huge cliffhanger in the end. But there is something very different about chapter 59. By the end of this chapter, we are going to be questioning a lot of things because what will happen next just cannot be predicted. There is no way to figure out what Kishimoto is planning and how he plans to flip things in the favor of the good guys.

Even after reading these spoilers, fans are going to still look forward to the chapter. Of course, that’s a given but the art of the chapter is truly amazing. The expressions of the characters and their different faces will add to the glory of the chapter. Boruto Chapter 59 spoilers will mark the beginning of a new theory. It opens an entirely new window, a possible ray of hope for those who are about to face off Code. But, there are still question marks surrounding it and various interlinked threats that we will be coming across. What I mean by this will be cleared out once you read the chapter spoilers.

Here are all the Boruto chapter 59 spoilers available as of now. Prepare for another twisty chapter that unfolds new secrets and also adds new ones.

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Boruto Chapter 58: Recap

Chapter 58 of Boruto: Naruto Next Generation had a lot of Boruto content. First, we saw him swallow the boba pills prepared by Amado. We see a different and determined side of him that totally won my heart. The development of Boruto can be seen crystal clear in this chapter. He has matured and now understands the need of the hour.

At the same time, later in the chapter, we see the restlessness in Kawaki. It is clear that they both care for the people but there is a difference in their form of care. Kawaki’s reason for his restlessness is also explained. He feels guilty for whatever had happened and thus the burden was pulling him down.

There was also this battle between Kawaki and Boruto to determine their training method, which is won by Boruto. I think the chapter had many spicy flavors. It was fun to read and it also felt good to get an insight into how the characters were feeling.

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Boruto Chapter 59 Spoilers

If you felt Boruto’s last chapter lacked the intense aura because there was no Code content, well chapter 59 won’t disappoint you at all. These Boruto chapter 59 spoiler will have your heart racing at times and also make you smile occasionally. Chapter 59 of Boruto: Naruto Next Generation is titled ‘Knight’.

Kawaki’s Flashback

The chapter opens with Code choking Kawaki when they were kids. Code is angry with something and it is revealed in the next few panels. Clearly, he is jealous of Kawaki as he was chosen as the vessel over him. Code activated his karma and claims that he hates Kawaki and tries to kill him out of envy.

Kawaki wakes up and sees that he had fallen asleep on a table. The panels show Amado working and Sumire watches him, concerned. She tells him that he was talking in his dream but Kawaki denies that it was not a bad dream.

Kawaki and Amado

When Amado asks if he still has dreams about being tortured, Kawaki replies that it was about Code. But when he says that Code was the same as always, jealous of him, Amado instead tells him that the truth is it is Kawaki who is the same. Meaning, that Kawaki will always be the vessel of Isshiki Otsutsuki. Kawaki asks him what that is supposed to mean but Amado simply tells him that even with Isshki’s soul gone, Kawaki is still a vessel.

Kawaki is shaken from his words but Amado continues to tell him that Kawaki’s body has undergone the Otsutsuki transformation. He continues to speak about how Kawaki’s plan of etching Code with Boruto’s karma is a good plan but it has its hindrances. Code is going to try to kill Naruto and Kawaki would have no way to protect him besides using power. Amado confirms that at this stage, Naruto would be killed in a one-on-one battle with Code even if he defeated Delta in the past.

Boruto Chapter 59 spoilers

Kawaki is still the vessel of Isshiki Otsutsuki.

Amado seems to have some way to deal with the situation and thus asks Kawaki if he wants power. He says that even after Isshiki’s death, he can etch Karma in his hands. Kawaki refuses and calls it nonsense. But Amado continues being persistent as he says that like him, Kawaki too can do anything to fulfill his goals. Kawaki tells him that he is going home, frustrated. Amado tells him to do what he wants and that the choice is his. Kawaki angrily leaves as Sumire watches them, worried.

Code and Ada

The panel shifts to show us Code and Ada in Boro’s Winter Wonderland. Ada expresses her dislike towards how much Kawaki likes Naruto and asks Code to spare the Hokage. Code refuses, saying that Naruto and his comrades are the main targets since they killed Isshiki Otsutsuki. Since Ada does not want Code to kill Kawaki thus he will not kill him. Bug asks them when they will leave but Ada only tells him that he does not have to worry about it. Clearly, Bug does not like it. Code discusses the problem of the guards in the place but Ada is calm about it. He also states that he feels attracted towards her because of her ability and in the following conversation he also shows a certain amount of care for her.

Code ada

Code and Ada.

Ada clarifies that she is looking for an opportunity to escape the place with her senrigan. She also tells him that she can only use taijutsu, meaning she is not good at combat. When she tells him that she does not perform barbaric acts, Code blushes and calls her delicate. Ada makes a deal with Code. She will be his eyes and ears but in return, Code will be her Knight. Code agrees but feels concerned about leaving her alone with Kawaki since her ability won’t work on him or Boruto (since they are Otsutsuki). In reply to this, Ada says that she will introduce him to her other Knight.

 Kawaki and Shikadai

Kawaki is disturbed by everything Amado had told. Deep inside it was true that Kawaki was feeling the loss of power ever since he lost his Karma. Shikadai tries to call him when he sees him but is interrupted by Kawaki’s sudden angry scream. As people throw him uncomfortable glances, Shikadai comes over to him. He comforts him by telling him that he should feel at home at Konoha and not worry about anything.

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Amado and Sumire

After Kawaki leaves angrily, Sumire asks Amado about what he meant. Amado does not give a clear answer so Sumire replies that she does not understand him. He asks her if she was inquiring him on Shikamaru’s orders. However, he tells her what he is thinking after she nervously tells him to not change the subject. He reveals that Kawaki has inactive power within him since he was the vessel of Isshiki Otsutsuki. Amado can etch Karma onto him to activate these powers. This won’t be a problem anymore since Isshiki is already dead. When Sumire asks if that is all there is to his intention, he does not say anything.

She continues to confront him about her doubts as she wonders if he has some other hidden motives with Kawaki. She is interrupted by Amado’s sudden remark about her lack of inability to manipulate people into speaking their minds. Sumire asks him again if he has any other motives but Amado does not answer her.

The Other Knight

Code, Ada, and Bug stand in front of a pod. Ada reveals that this is the only being who can kill her apart from an Otsutsuki. After they open the pod, they find it empty. A few seconds later, they meet a very small boy who climbs on Code’s shoulder. Code is about to attack him but is stopped by Ada. The new character, named Damon, refers to Ada as the big sister.

Some Guards appear at the same time. Code wants to attack them but Ada stops him. The guards’ attack but they find their attacks reflecting back to them. This is Damon’s ability. Damon can reflect his enemy’s attacks and the ability gets stronger as the intensity of the enemy’s kill intent gets stronger. Ada then tells Code that he is the other knight and also her real brother.

Boruto: Naruto Next Generation Chapter 59 Release Date

Chapter 59 of Boruto: Naruto Next Generation will be released on 20 June 2021. After reading these Boruto chapter 59 spoilers, I bet fans are excited. Code’s reactions and Bug’s sarcasm have to be some of the most entertaining things to look forward to this Sunday. You can read the manga on Viz Media or Shueisha’s Manga Plus app.

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