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Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Chapter 58 Spoilers: Naruto & The Boba Pills

Boruto Chapter 58 spoilers

Masahi Kishimoto is playing with every element of the manga before setting up the final stage. I probably speak for all Boruto fans keeping up with the manga when I say that the recent chapters have been brilliant. They have been informative and satisfactory all the while being thrilling and fun. Code’s entry into the plot has been such a beautiful development. He is probably one of the most refined villains of Boruto and fans are loving him. He is setting off many alarming vibes as he has also befriended Eida. Waiting for a whole month to know what happens next might be torture. However, we are here with Boruto Chapter 58 spoilers from the most reliable sources.

Every new detail in the manga series keeps the heart at the mouth. How the shinobi plan on stopping a reckoning force as Code is still an undecided mystery. At the same time, we see problems of their own in Konoha, especially the ones revolving around Boruto. Which path will the next chapter take? Will we move a step closer to watch Code destroy Naruto and his village? Or will we see Eida as the next villain they have to face? Here are the Boruto Chapter 58 spoilers to give a quick heads-up before you read the original version.

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Boruto Chapter 57: Quick Recap

Boruto anime


As the title suggested, chapter 57 of Boruto shaped up our understanding of Eida, Code’s new ally. She has mystifying and strong abilities that are capable of bringing doom over their enemies. The chapter goes in and deep to brief the readers not only about her skills but also her personality.

At the same time, Naruto sees the worst possible decisions he might have to take in the future if Momoshiki and Boruto were to become threats to the village. His conscience as a father and a Hokage might conflict. He talks to Amado, who understands his situation since he too once had a daughter. He offers some pills to cure Boruto’s transformation. However, there might be dangers to ingesting these pills since they were created to weaken the Byakugan in a scheme to kill Jigen.

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Boruto Chapter 58 Spoilers

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Chapter 58 is titled “The Right Tools For The Right Jobs: Idiot, Sheers, and that Damn Bastard”.

  • The chapter opens with Naruto and Boruto sitting across each other with a corked bottle in between them. These are boba pills that can suppress Boruto’s Otsutsuki transformation. Boruto asks Naruto if they would work. Naruto tells him that the pills were not created for this purpose so they don’t know how efficiently they would work or what the side effects could be. Boruto asks again if they will turn him into Momoshiki, to which Naruto tells him that they can only suppress the transformation since there’s no helping to the fact that his body has already been exposed to the transformation.
  • Before any decision can be made, Boruto consumes a pill, surprising Boruto. On being questioned, he says that he wouldn’t know if it has side effects until he tries. He also says that he has always been prepared for the worst, especially when it came to subjects of his Karma.
  • Boruto is sitting with Kawaki, Mitsuki, and Sarada as Naruto and Konohamaru are watching them from somewhere above. Kawaki questions Boruto’s decision of taking the boba pills. Boruto only tells him that he has taken the pills after keeping the risks in mind. Kawaki gets angry and asks him what about their plans? Boruto replies to his angry questions saying that all the plans were made under a hypothetical situation. Seeing their argument Sarada tells them to stop being noisy and train. Konohamaru, who is with Naruto, thinks that Kawaki is not good at cooperating with others. At the same time, Kawaki is still going on about how they are not on par with Code’s strength. When Sarada further forces them to train, Kawaki curses at her. A heated argument breaks out between Kawaki, Sarada, and Mitsuki. It stops when Boruto yells at Kawaki.
  • Kawaki continues to be sassy towards Boruto so the latter suggests they settle it one on one. The loser will surrender and train as per the methods of the winner.
  • A fight breaks out between Boruto and Kawaki. After some intense fighting, Kawaki attacks Boruto with some blasting jutsu but Boruto absorbs it. Boruto attacks him with another jutsu but Kawaki is unable to absorb it and thus gets thrust back. After losing, Kawaki realizes that he has been very dependent on Karma.

Boruto Wins

  • Boruto declares his win. He tells Kawaki to stop feeling burdened with guilt. He needs to stop thinking it’s his fault that Code is targeting Konoha and rely on his friends a little. Kawaki calms down. Naruto tells them they can get stronger by working hard. Boruto announces that they are going to resume training now as Kawaki feels determined to get stronger.

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Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Chapter 58 Release Date

Boruto Chapter 58 spoilers

Sarada and Kawaki.

Boruto Chapter 58 spoilers let us have promising hopes about our growing Shinobi.

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Chapter 58 will be released on May 20, 2021. You can catch up with the manga on Viz Media or Shueisha’s official Manga Plus app.

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