Boruto Chapter 29: Kashin Koji’s Plan!

Hey everyone! In this post, I’ll be talking about Boruto Chapter 29. We’re about two weeks away from Boruto Chapter 29, but there are some interesting things that I want to mention in regards to the chapter.

Boruto Chapter 29

Boruto Chapter 28 ended with Kara making their move once again. They entered Konohagakure, and their mission is to retrieve Kawaki. Kashin Koji made it to the inside, and Delta just sat near the gate of Konoha, baffled at how Koji was able to enter Konohagakure. That’s what has most people hyped about the upcoming Boruto chapter, and I think the next chapter has the potential to be the best one so far.

Boruto Chapter 29 Spoilers

The author, Ikemoto and his team also said that we’ll be focusing on Kawaki for some time now, so I don’t expect the arc to end anytime soon. Boruto Chapter 29 is going to be very interesting, and I think two things can happen. The first one is that Kashin Koji comes across Kawaki and manages to take him away successful. However, this is less likely to happen.

The reason behind that is Naruto Uzumaki. We know that Naruto or one of his clones, is always accompanying Kawaki. So, if Koji does get near Kawaki, Naruto will step between the two. We can see Naruto Uzumaki fight Koji, but I think Koji is a smart and calculating personality. He knows what to do, and knowing how strong Naruto is, he wouldn’t want to cross blows with him.

I think Koji will leave without retrieving Kawaki, and the reason would be the intervention of the Nanadaime Hokage. Jigen can’t really blame him for that, can he? I think we may get more of a hint on Koji’s real identity in the next chapter. Also, I believe that if Koji cannot retrieve Kawaki, he does have an alternative in Boruto Uzumaki, since he also carried the Karma. So potentially, Koji can also kidnap Boruto Uzumaki. Just food for thought.

Boruto Chapter 29 will be out next month. The official release date for the manga is November 26, 2018. Of course, the scans will be available 2-3 days prior to that. Make sure you support Boruto by reading over official sources and buying the Volume 06 of the manga, which is out already.

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