Boruto Chapter 28 – Kawaki And Boruto

Boruto manga is on a completely different level to the anime. If you have read the manga and you watch the anime as well, then you’d know what I’m talking about. Before we start with the post, let me warn you that this post has spoilers and if you don’t like reading them, you can stop reading right now. With that being said, let us start with the post. The most recent Boruto chapter removed the lid from a lot of mysteries. The highlight of the chapter was Jigen and his curse mark.

Jigen, who is the leader of Kara has been the subject of many debates in the fandom. Many people consider being on the same podium as Naruto and Sasuke. In Boruto chapter 26, when Naruto was chasing Kawaki, he clearly admitted that Naruto was more powerful than Jigen. Of course, he didn’t confirm like it was 100% but, he did say he “might” be more powerful than Jigen. So, what we saw in the chapter was that Jigen seems to be conducting some experiments.

These experiments were revealed as part of Kawaki’s flashback. When Kawaki was still a child, he was being experimented upon by Jigen. Jigen was trying to share his curse mark with Kawaki for some. Again there is no concrete story regarding why Jigen wants to do it. In Boruto chapter 28, we can expect to learn more about Kawaki and Jigen. I think Jigen will be at the focal point of the next chapter. He will reveal why he wanted to share his mark with Kawaki.

We may also see Kawaki taking the first step in to remove the seal from his body. He has revealed that he doesn’t want the seal on his body, and he will be going to any length to get rid of it. Boruto and Kawaki’s ideals clash, and one of them will get in the way of the other.

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