Boruto Chapter 28: Kashin Koji Enters Konoha

Hey everyone! Today, I’ll be talking about Boruto Chapter 28 spoilers, and by the looks of it, this months chapter is going to be very interesting. Boruto manga just never lets you down. While the anime may frustrate you a bit from time to time, I think Kodachi and Ikemoto do a great job at handling the manga. The last 7-8 chapters that we got have been fun to read, and I think you all are going to like Chapter 28 as well.

So with that let’s begin the discussion for Boruto Chapter 28 now. If you hate being spoiled, I suggest you stop reading the post here, because it will contain tidbits from the chapter itself. If you don’t mind being spoiled, then we can continue, by all means.

In the last chapter, we all saw Kawaki getting worked up over the Karma Seal. Boruto didn’t really like the fact that he was treated poorly as a child, but he also didn’t like the fact that Kawaki broke the Vase that Himawari made. Knowing that Boruto is hard to deal with, Naruto talks to Kawaki and takes asks him to walk with him. He talks to Kawaki quite a bit, and at the end of it all, he hugs Kawaki like a real father.

Kawaki probably realizes that this is what having a parent feels like. He then hangs out with Sarada and Naruto. We see Kawaki visiting Ino Yamanaka’s shop as well, and he’s seen buying a vase. He ends up breaking another one, and there, he sees Jigen’s face as a hallucination. This makes him activate his Karma Seal. Towards the end, Kashin Koji and Delta appear near Konohagakure. Koji enters Konoha because he is actually from Konoha, and thus a Konoha Shinobi, which means that he can enter and leave without being detected. Delta waits outside.

Boruto Chapter 28 will be back in Weekly Shounen Jump Issue 47. It will be out officially on October 22, 2018. You can expect the spoilers to be out on 18 October, while the scans will likely come out on October 19. Please support the official release.

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