Boruto Chapter 25 Release Date – Raw/Scans Update

Boruto Chapter 25 raw

In this post, I’ll be talking about Boruto manga chapter 25 spoilers, release date, and where to read it online. The last Boruto chapter was insane, it marked the beginning of the infamous Kawaki Arc. The arc will be focused on Kawaki, we also got to see that Kawaki is a member of Kara.

Boruto Chapter 25

Kawaki’s backstory revealed his tragic past and that he was abused every single day by his very own father, and then was sold off to a stranger. The stranger was actually Jigen, who promised Kawaki, that he would be his father but ended up using Kawaki as a vessel, and a weapon.

Boruto Chapter 25 raw

The last chapter featured a lot of interesting stuff about Jigen, we also got to see his powers. Garou was introduced in the last chapter as another Kara member, and he is going to fight Kawaki in Boruto Chapter 25. However, I believe, Kawaki can easily take care of Garou. But we shouldn’t forget that Kawaki is weakened right now and he might not be able to win because of that, and it is possible that the curse seal will activate and it will drain him of his remaining chakra.

Someone from Team 7 will most likely jump in to save Kawaki. I’m sure that they can beat Garou, but I don’t think they will be able to beat Koji and Delta. They won’t let Kawaki escape from them, that easily. Moreover, now that Delta has found out that Boruto Uzumaki has a seal as well, they might try to abduct Boruto, which might lead to a full-scale Konohagakure assault on Kara in the upcoming arc.

All of this is my prediction, nothing is confirmed yet, Boruto Chapter 25 Raw/Scans will be coming out in 2-3 days.

Where To Download/Read Boruto Chapter 25?

There are some sites like MangaStream, MangaFox, MangaPanda, MangaReader, KissManga, and MangaFreak, that allows downloading mangas. However, no official manga site offers manga downloads, there is no way to download Boruto Chapter 25 Raw/Scans from any of the official sites, however, you can read it online on Viz for free while supporting mangakas.

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