Boku No Hero Academia Season 3 Episode 23 – Deku VS Kacchan Part 2

In My Hero Academia Season 3 episode 23, a fight between the two towers of UA 1-A will disrupt the silent night (and Aizawa’s work). Deku and Kacchan will resume their fight from way back in season. Who will be the winner of this fight and what will happen to both of them in the future?

My Hero Academia Season 3 Episode 23 – Deku And Kacchan Part 2

Before they start, Bakugo will reveal the reason why he decided to fight against Deku. HIs reason is that he wants to know what’s so great about Deku that All MIght decided to give his power to him. He will strike first using a right punch and Deku assumes that its a feint, but it is not, and Bakugo will say that Deku reads too much in every damn thing.

While Bakugo is giving all he got into the fight, Deku is trying to stop and reason out with him. Bakugo will then remember his childhood with Deku and how weak the guy was back then. Then he asked why and how did he end up behind a small fry like Deku. And he also griefed about why he became the reason for All Might’s end. He’s just too frustrated for his lack of power and Deku realized that he’s the only one who can “receive Kacchan’s feelings.” That’s why in the end, Deku decided to also fight back with all he got.

The Person That Will Stop Aizawa

Meanwhile, Aizawa is doing something on his computer and tablet when he received a call from a security robot. Two of his students from 1A is duking it out on Ground Beta. With a great annoyance, he went outside with a sole purpose to stop his rampaging student. But what a shock when someone from the shadows decided to stop him from interfering.

My Hero Academia Season 3 Episode 23

Who will win? Will it be Bakugo or the underdog Deku? We will know more about their battle in My Hero Academia season 3 episode 23.

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