Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 211 Official Spoilers Are Out

Hey everyone! It’s an early Jump release this week, and that just means that the spoilers are coming out early as well. If you’ve been waiting for My Hero Academia Chapter 211 official spoilers, then you’ll be happy to know that the spoilers are finally out. This week’s chapter seems very interesting. Like always, the spoilers just go over some key stuff that will happen in the chapter; not the entire thing.

My Hero Academia Chapter 211 Release Date

My Hero Academia Chapter 211 is this year’s final My Hero chapter and I hope that there’s a lot more to the chapter than just this small text. Nonetheless, whatever little detail that we know certainly does sound interesting. Here are My Hero Academia Chapter 211 official spoilers:

My Hero Academia Chapter 211 Official Spoilers

“13 pages Izuku’s power become uncontrollable, shooting everywhere in a beam-like manner, he cannot stop and is in pain. Uraraka went over and hugged him, even called for Shinso (probably thought of a plan)

Due to it being the final chapter of the year, there’s a small spin-off with everyone having a snowball fight, Kacchan poured water onto a snowball (something that looks like frozen snowballs, this kills, so please don’t do it at home).”

Again, this week we’re getting 13 pages in the My Hero Academia chapter once again. I’m a bit worried about Horikoshi’s health, and I hope that he’s fine. Coming back to the chapter, I’m excited and I want to see how Shinsou and Uraraka help him out. Unfortunately, there is another break next week as Weekly Shounen Jump is going on another break due to New Year.

Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 211 will be out in the next Weekly Shounen Jump Issue. The chapter will be out officially on 24 December 2018. The scans will be out by 22 December 2018. Please support the official release.

Are you excited for My Hero Academia Chapter 211? Let me know in the comments section!

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