Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 209: Midoriya’s Fight Begins!

Boku no Hero Academia’s previous chapter was a delight to read. We got everything that we asked for in this arc. The previous fights were so damn slow paced that I had to force myself to go through them. Hero Academia hasn’t been great at all lately, but the recent chapter was the total opposite. Bakugo had been out of action for a long time. We didn’t know how strong he’s gotten and in this chapter he showcased it all.

Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 209 Release Date

Bakugo has grown into a monster and he proved that by taking down Tokage in an instant. Class B didn’t even know what hit them, and they couldn’t fathom the sudden change that Bakugo was showing. In order to be tb best hero, you need to save everyone and reach out to save everyone. That’s exactly what Bakugo is doing right now. He knows that becoming the No. 1 doesn’t mean to be just the strongest, but also save those in need.

In the next chapter, we may see the end of the fight and then Bakugo may explain some of the shortcomings of his team to each member. They were perfect, but I’m sure that there were moments where Bakugo thought that they could do even better. Knowing his personality, he understands that improving those aspects of the team will only make them better.

Next up, we’re going to see Midoriya’s team go in action against Neito’s team. Neito’s quirk is very tricky. He has the copy quirk which let’s him use the quirk of any person who he comes in contact with. He will be a tough guy to face and I’m sure that the others will be difficult to deal with as well. Let’s see what happens when the next. Halter drops.

Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 209 will in the next Weekly Shounen Jump Issue. The chapter will be out officially on 10 December 2018. The scans will be out by 7 December 2018. Please support the official release.

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