Boku no Hero Academia 205: Todoroki’s Ultimate Technique

Boku no Hero Academia manga hasn’t been impressive in the last few arcs, and I think the issue hasn’t been solved by the current arc either. It’s repetitive, and I feel like we have already seen the students fight a bunch of times already, but oh well, what’s one more time? For me, the story has been dropping rapidly since the Overhaul arc. I think the Endeavor arc was good and that Hawks chapters certainly increased my interest in the manga, but right now, I think it’s getting easier for me to skip a chapter of Boku Hero Academia because it is just not as good as it once was.

boku no hero academia chapter 205

Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 205 Spoilers

Nonetheless, let’s start talking about Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 205. I expect this one to be the best among the past few ones. We saw Iida’s Recipro-Turbo in the previous chapter, and I think that was a decent moment, but towards the end of the chapter, everything was focused on Todoroki’s fight against Tetsu Tetsu.

Surprised, Tetsu Tetsu can withstand both Ice and Fire from Todoroki’s quirk to a certain extent. At this point, Todoroki has but one option, and that is to bust out the new technique that Endeavor had drilled into him once. Todoroki is very powerful, and just as Endeavor says, he has the potential to be Number 1. I think he has to realize what he’s capable of and push past his limits.

We’ll be seeing Todoroki bust out a new technique in the next chapter. Whether he’ll unleash Prominence Burn or something else entirely remains to be seen though. I’d like to see him appreciate the fire-side of his quirk a bit more, and next chapter should be an enjoyable one for me. I think the next chapter will end the fight of Todoroki and Tetsu Tetsu’s team, and the winner will be Todoroki’s team.

Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 205 will return next week in Weekly Shounen Jump Issue 50. The chapter will be out officially on 12 November 2018. The scans will be out by 9 November 2018. Please support the official release.

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