Bobby Bonilla Net Worth: He Makes His Salary Even Today

Bobby Bonilla Net Worth, Early Life And Career
Bobb Bonilla at Shea Stadium in New York, New York. (Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images)

If one thing Bobby Bonilla is famous for today, first being the highest-paid baseball player during the early 90s. Second the $1 million salary he receives from The New York Mets even today. Every year, the first of July might start for every individual like a normal day. But for Bonilla, it’s like the day he waits every year for. The salary he was supposed to get in the 90s is something he is receiving now. So with that in mind, we can say at the age of 58, Bobby Bonilla still makes money from his baseball career in the 90s. So how much is the Net Worth of Bobby Bonilla today? Let’s find out.

Bobby Bonilla as a baseball player has led many clubs to victories. Right from his beginnings at high school to the time to the time he entered the official clubs. But his stumbling relationship with New York Mets and New York Media is something to remember him for. Bonilla was the highest-paid player at that time but never fitted in with the Mets. This led to a lot of questions from NY Media. Until the Mets made a deal with Bonilla which sees him get paid even today. So let’s find out what is that deal and how it affects Bobby Bonilla and his Net Worth.

Bobby Bonilla Net Worth

The Net Worth of Bobby Bonilla is around $20 Million with a salary of $1.45 Million which he receives on the 1st of July every year from the New York Mets. All his earnings are part of his baseball career. The amount he receives from the Mets will continue until 2035 when he would be 72 years old. The reason Bobby Bonilla still makes this salary has to do with the time he was released by the Mets with an estimated $5.9 million in salary he owed to Franchise. So here is what happened.

The Salary From Mets That Make Up For Bobby Bonilla and His Net Worth
Bobby Bonilla At The Press Conference In 1998

After a career with Chicago White Sox in the late 80s, Bobby Bonilla joined New York Mets in 1992. It was a five-season deal worth $29 million. But amidst this after a three and a half year, Bobby Bonilla was traded to Baltimore Orioles. Although he returned to Mets after winning the World Series,, he soon met with this release. At that time, Mets were interested in investing the money somewhere else and decided to defer the salary of Bonilla with an 8% interest rate which he will receive from 2011 to 2035.

Bobby Bonilla’s Humble Beginnings

Bobby Bonilla’s career in baseball began during his school days. He played at the Herbert H. Lehman High School in the Bronx before graduating in 1981. Then after meeting a rejection from the 1981 Major League Baseball draft, Bonilla had to spend time pursuing a degree in Computer Science at the New York Institute of Technology. During that time, scout Syd Thrift spotted him playing at a baseball camp in Europe and decided to invite him to the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Early Life Of Bobby Bonilla
Bobby Bonilla During His Early Days With Pittsburgh Pirates

Bobby Bonilla’s rising career with Pittsburgh pirates met with a stop due to injury. Soon following that,  Chicago White Sox acquired him through the Rule 5 draft. With White Sox, Bobby Bonilla made his major league debut. He also played for Mayagüez Indians of the Puerto Rican Winter League and was later brought back to Pirates by Thrift.

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Back To The Top

Bobby Bonilla restarted at Pittsburgh Pirates with a few bumps making 67 errors as the third batsman. This saw Jim Leyland moving him to the right field. There he teamed up with the likes of Barry Bonds and Andy Van Slyke. This eventually led Pittsburgh Pirates to three straight National League East Division titles from 1990 to 1992. Bonilla also won three Silver Slugger Awards before becoming a free agent in 1991.

Bobby Bonilla soon became the highest-paid player in the National League. The time he joined the New York Mets with the deal mentioned in Net Worth above. Despite the fact his offensive production diminished, he still went on to participate in two more All-Star Games. There was a constant heat between Bobby Bonilla and New York media during his first three and half year stint with the Mets.

How Bobby Bonilla Went To Top?
Bobby Bonilla During His Stint With The New York Mets

After his first stint with the Mets, Baltimore Orioles acquired Bobby Bonilla where he helped them win the American League Championship Series in 1996. Bobby then played for Florida Marlins once he acquired the free agency and won the 1997 World Series with them. In 1994, he was traded to Los Angeles Dodgers and spent the rest of the 1998 season there before returning to the Mets.

The return to the Mets didn’t meet with a good feeling again. Bobby Bonilla again didn’t live up to the expectations of the New York Mets. This often leads to clashes with the manager Bobby Valentine. Bonilla’s tenure came to a close at the sixth game at 1999 NLCS, where the Mets were eliminated while Bonilla sat playing cards with Rickey Henderson. Thus later marking his departure and playing final games with Atlanta Braves and St. Louis Cardinals.

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