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Bob Ross Passed Away: What Happened To The Happy Painter?

Bob Ross Death
Bob Ross

Thinking about painting, Bob Ross is the first person that comes to everybody’s mind. Bob Ross has been one of the most positive and inspiring people in the world. So when in 1995, the news about the death of Bob Ross came out, people mourned over the legendary artist. Even in 2021, he is the one person people turn to when they want to learn how to paint. Along with his ability to paint masterpieces, the man was known for his calm demeanor and soothing voice. According to him, you’ll be able to do anything as long as you find happiness in that thing. He found beauty everywhere and encouraged people to look at it.

When in 1994, Bob was preparing for the last episode of the thirty-first season of The Joy of Painting on tape. He got diagnosed with cancer for the second time. Once the energetic painter looked fragile during the shoot of doing the things he loved the most. The fans were seeing their favorite artist slowly losing himself in front of their eyes. As Bob’s soothing voice became coarse and his perm began to fall out, everybody became worried.

Bob Ross Death

Bob Ross painting one of his masterpieces.

The Joy Of Life Is The Joy Of Painting

“The Joy Of Painting” was the show hosted by Bob Ross. The show is still available on the Youtube channel of Bob. It is the perfect place for one to learn painting. And not just learn, but to calm and look that the things are not really that bad. The first episode of The Joy Of Painting premiered on January 11, 1983. Each episode being of 30 minutes was perfect for the creators to launch and the viewers to enjoy and understand. The show got the fame to Bob, but he never let it to his head. Being a humble and private person, he devoted his time to take care of animals in need.

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What Is The Reason For the Death Of Bob Ross?

Being a person who spread so much positivity to the world with one art form, Bob had his own share of happy accidents in his life. The reason for the death of Bob Ross was cancer. He always said that he is going to die young. He was a heavy smoker. In his 40s, he even suffered two heart attacks and suffered from cancer. The first time he beat his cancer, but the second time was not lucky. The artist was battling lymphoma i.e. the cancer of the lymphatic system. The disease affected his lymph glands, spleen, thymus gland, and bone marrow. Unfortunately in 1995, losing the battle from cancer, he left the world. His grave is buried in Woodland Memorial Park.

It was reported that Bob also had to fight some legal battles along with his cancer. The legal dispute over his will and ownership of his estate might have also affected his health, giving him a lot of stress. Even though he swore that he will never shout again after leaving the air force. The people who were near him when he was on his deathbed also reported that they heard Bob shouting on the phone.

Bob Ross Death

Fans cosplaying Bob Ross in recent years.

What Kind Of Life Did Bob Ross Have?

For someone who barely got angry and called mistakes the “happy accidents”, fans always wondered what kind of life Bob Ross lived. The art of making something comes to Bob through his family for sure. His father was a carpenter. The led him to spend more time at home in the workshop than at school. At the age of 16, Bob decided to drop out of school and began working at his father’s workshop. Two years later, he went on to join the air force. Spending 20 years of his life as a drill sergeant in the military, Bob spent his life in different cities, mostly in Fairbanks and Alaska.

Being a person with soft and warm nature, Bob never liked being tough on his juniors. That is how he took up painting as a way to cope with his anger and stress. He met a painter named William Alexander and began learning from him. It was William’s technique, “wet on wet” i.e. rapidly applying layers of oil paint over each other without waiting for the previous layers to dry, that Bob mastered and showed perfectly in the masterpieces he created.

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