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Spoilers & Preview: Blue Reflection Ray Episode 9

Blue Reflection Ray
Blue Reflection Ray

In the morning after the Reflectors incidents, Miyoka confronts Ruka, asking if it is true that Hiori’s sister appeared. Ruka replies that Hiori’s sister has appeared and extracted a fragment in front of Hiori. Miyoka wonders if Hiori’s sister is the Reflector, and Ruka replies that she is not sure. Miyoka is angry that Hiori’s sister did a cruel thing, asking how Hiori is doing. Ruka reveals that Hiori is sleeping, and she has not talked with Hiori. Suddenly Hiori showed up and said that she is starving.

Miyoka and Ruka are surprised that Hiori is acting like she is not affected by her sister’s act. The girls head to the class, and Hiori helped others to clean the classroom. Ruka and Miyako watch Hiori as she tries to free herself from stress. Miyakothinks that Hiori is not okay. The two talked about how they have to protect every girl from the dorm. Miyako explains the incidents that happened with Kana Sugiri and vows that she has to welcome everyone who needs the help of the Reflectors.

Previously on Blue Reflection Ray Episode 8

Miyako also talked about Hiori’s sister, who might fight her if they try to stop her. Momo arrived when Ruka and Miyako were about to decide on Hiori’s sister. She asks the girls where Hiori is, and they reveal that Hiori is helping others girls with the cleaning. Momo heads to confront Hiori, and Ruka is afraid about what Momo will say to Hiori.

When they arrive, Momo boy her head in front of Hiori, who gets shocked. Momo apologizes and heads out with the trio. Momo reveals the truth about her relationship with Hiori’s sister, Hiori is surprised that Momo was her sister’s partner. Miyako asks what does that means, and Momo replies that she resonated with Hiori’s sister. Momo also said that it is hard for her to explain everything, but she is unsure of what is happening. Momo reveals how everything happened in her last battle with Hiori’s sister.

That day Hiori’s sister touched Momo’s blade, and Momo loses her memories after the war. Momo and Hiori’s sister got separated from that day until they met last night on the festival day. Momo reveals that she is not aware of the meaning of their resonation and their separation. The girls listen to Momo as she narrates her past with Hiori. Momo reveals that after getting separated from Hiori’s sister, she asks everything from the AASA, but they keep saying that they know nothing. She apologizes that she hurt Hiori and her sister.

Momo and Mio’s Past

Blue Reflection Ray

Blue Reflection Ray

Hiori told Momo that it is not her fault and it is essential to protect everyone’s feelings. Momo is surprised that Hiori is not angry even though the matter is about her sister. Hiori reveals that they have to stop Kana as well as Niina and Uta. Ruka got emotional and took Hiori away. Miyoka and Momo wonder what Ruka wants to tell Hiori. Ruka and Hiori stoped at the passage. Ruka told Hiori to stop lying to herself and stop doing things for others while hurting herself.

Hiori notices that she didn’t resonate with Ruka after Ruka lets her hand go. Hiori comments that she wonders why they didn’t resonate. Meanwhile, Mio recalls her battle with Hiori and wonders why she couldn’t gather the courage to kill Hiori. Mio talks with Uta that their goal is still the same, but they let their guard down last night. Later Miyoka and Momo look everywhere around the school and finds that Ruka and Hiori were missing.

Momo reads Ruka’s message and asks Miyoka to give her info about Mio Hirahara. Miyako replies that she knows nothing about Mio. Momo heads out to meet with Mio. On the other side, Ruka and Hiori find Kana unconscious on the floor. A girl possessed by dark powers comments that it is her fault since she made Kana forget herself. Ruka and Hiori resonate and defeat the girl. After the battle, Hiori helps Kana regain her consciousness.

Blue Reflection Ray Episode 9 Release Date

Blue Reflection Ray Episode 9 will release on Saturday, 5 June 2021, at 1:55 AM JST. You can watch Blue Reflection Ray online on Animelab.

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