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Spoilers & Preview: Blue Reflection Ray Episode 8

Blue Reflection Ray
Blue Reflection Ray

In the past, two Reflectors were talking to each other during the rain. They wonder if those two long-lost sisters will end up meeting in the future. One of the Reflectors comments that this rain is like tears of joy between two sisters. In the present day, Niina and Yuta are talking about meeting with their sister. Yuta notices that Niina is ignoring, and she is upset with Sister. She tried to find ways to cheer Niina, but Niina is not interested in listening to her. Yuta comments that Sister would ever want to pact with the likes of Niina.

Niina gets annoyed, and she left Yuta talking alone. Meanwhile, the Tanabata Festival continues as the girls are about to finish the preparations. Momo receives a three-way phone call from the girls. But when she picks up the cellphone, she kept quiet for a long time. Her memories trigger, and she recalls everything that happened in the past until she meets new partners. After thinking about her past, Ruka, Hiori, and Miyoka ask her what is happening. Momo has the truth from the girls and replies that she has just dropped her phone.

Previously on Blue Reflection Ray Episode 7

Momo and the girls talked about the festival, and she told them to continue. She reveals that she saw Grams flying, and she has to head home and rest. After the phone call, Ruka and Hiori finish with the preparation for the Tanabata Festival. They head out and meet with Sensei. Ruka asks Hirori if she knows about Miss Mio Hirara and Hiori reveals what has happened in the past. She reveals the day she last met with Mio. That day Mio and Hiori heads to the rain and wish for the two sisters to reunite in the future.

That day Mio comments that this rain is like tears of joy between two sisters. Hiori wrote a wish that she wishes her mom to come home. In the present day, Hiori asks Ruka what her wish is, and Ruka replies that it is a secret. The two receive a message from Miyako telling them to come. When they meet, they talked about Momo after realizing that she has been hiding something for them. They decided that they will confront her after the Tanabata Festival.

Miyako reveals the truth about Kana Siguri, who casts a spell on Ayu.  She also shows them her personal message that Kana will meet with someone tonight during the festival. Later in the evening when the parents and the students enjoy lighting fireworks. The girls begin with their investigation. But they don’t know how Uta looks, and they have to stop her before something evil happens. Sensei arrives and sends Ruka to run errands somewhere, but Ruka realizes that she has to go there and come back quickly.

Hiori Vs. Niina

Blue Reflection Ray

Blue Reflection Ray

Ruka reached the store and heard Momo talking with someone over a cell phone. She heard them talking about Mio Hirara, and Momo appears after the phone call. Ruka questions Momo, who reveals that she used to be Mio’s partner. Ruka told her that she wants to meet with Mio. Momo reveals that she fought with Mio, and she can’t face Mio since Mio is Uta and Niina Yamada’s partner. Momo reveals the truth about her friendship with Momo and how they cherish and laugh together while taking down their enemies.

Momo concludes that Mio Hirara is her partner. Ruka asks if Mio has betrayed Momo, and they became an enemy. Momo reveals that she had lost some of her memories with Mio when they were still partners. But some of their memories triggers, and she felt like it was real. Momo thinks about her last battle with Mio and realizes that they resonate and end up losing her memories. The festival continues with lots of fireworks. Hiori calls other girls that she has spotted, Kana.

But time and everything stopped, and another Reflector arrives. Niina also arrived and told Hiori that they are doing this one-on-one. Niina and Hiori begin to battle, and Niina comments that if Hiori was dead, her sister would have been alive. Ruka and Momo arrive, and Hiori told them not to interfere and this is between her and Niina. Hiori got defeated, and Niina wants to slash her, but mysterious powers stopped her. They both teleported to their world, and the festival continues.

Blue Reflection Ray Episode 8 Release Date

Blue Reflection Ray Episode 8 will release on Saturday, 29 May 2021, at 1:55 AM JST. You can watch Blue Reflection Ray online on Animelab.

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