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Spoilers & Recap: Blue Reflection Ray Episode 18

Blue Reflection Ray

Blue Reflection Ray is at its peak since it will soon release its Episode 18. The Reflector girls are working hard to make their way to Mio, who has evil plans. Mio got possessed by darkness in her heart and has visited Ryoka, convincing her to join her side. Ryoka knows that Amiru is in danger, and Mio wants to take her to the other world since only one key is left to open the gate to the Common. The girls find the truth about Mio and decided to stop her, but they failed.

Amiru offered herself to Mio, and they both vanished. Hiori winders why they lose the battle, and another New Fragments has joined the wrong side. Mio’s plans got completed, and she will open the gate to the Common soon. After suffering defeat, the Reflectors head back to the dorm, and Niina met Hiori outside. Niina decided to show Hiori how things have begun in the past using the power of her Reflector Ring. The two form a pact to open the past for Hiori to learn something.

Hiori traveled in the past and woke up after she heard Mio’s voice. Mio told Hiori about the upcoming festival, and they must get prepared. Later the festival begins, and the two sisters were late. Hiori grabs Mio while dashing at the festival. Hiori complains that they are late, and Mio should have woken her up in time. Mio apologizes, and they both arrive at Tsukimiya Girls’ Dorm Tabanata Festival. The two sisters begin to enjoy the festival participating in different activities and eat other foods.

Previously on Blue Reflection Ray Episode 17

They both head to a nice spot and enjoy watching fireworks. Hiori notices that something is off about Mio and asks her, but she denies it. Hiori ignored that and decided to enjoy the festival. But Mio is unhappy and is glad that Hiori is having a good time. The two went to the wish table, wrote their wishes on paper, and stuck them to a wish tree. Hiori wrote ”I hope I can see Mom again” and Mio wrote ”I hope Mom comes home.” The two went home after the festival and decided to do the chores before they went to sleep.

The following day, Mio receives a phone call and heads to the other room to talk with that person. Mio thank the lady, who replies that there is no need for that since they are family and supposed to care for each other. The lady told Mio that they are fine staying home with her uncle as long as she is okay. The lady is worried that the two sisters are living alone, and Mio replies that it is not two of them, but they have a mother.

Blue Reflection Ray

Blue Reflection Ray

The Last Sephirot

Mio vows to wait for their mother to come back and realizes that she will be back in September. The lady replies that Mio’s mother left her bankbook, cards, and seal to survive. But it has been four years, and there is no sign of their mother returning. She reveals that her sister was like this, and she keeps on leaving from one place to another while abandoning things.

The lady tries to convince Mio to understand that it will be difficult for their mother to return. Mio replies that she and Hiori believe that their mother will return. After a phone call, she heads to the living room and cheers Hiori by saying antie will bring them grapes. They spent many years living without their mother and took an entrance exam. One day, Mio saw Niina punching the wall, and dark powers possessed her. When she steps forth, she arrived in the Common; a world made up of people’s collective unconscious.

Mio finds that she has to protect Hiori’s Fragment and befriends Niina. Later Mio got betrayed by the people she loved and trust. Hiori got possessed by evil powers, and Mio decided to save her, but she left the house, heading to join Niina, who is fighting the last Sephirot. She realizes that she was doing everything to protect Hiori and failed. In the real world, Hiori saw everything and how the battle ended, which changed Mio’s life, and she began to blame herself.

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Blue Reflection Ray Episode 18 Release Date

Blue Reflection Ray Episode 18 release date is 14 August 2021, at 2:30 AM. This anime releases a new show every Saturday. But the latest episode in some countries is available on Friday at the time above converted to the local time around different countries. Few episodes to conclude the episode finale, don’t miss the next. Let’s look at Blue Reflection Ray preview below.

Where To Watch Blue Reflection Ray Episode 18?

You can watch Blue Reflection Ray Episode 18 online on Animelab and Funimation. Blue Reflection Ray is available on the official website and Twitter account. The updates about the anime are available daily online. Blue Reflection Ray has an anime dub and the subtitle of the latest episodes in Japanese available in English. The anime is available for streaming. You can look at Preview & Recap: Blue Reflection Ray Episode 17.

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