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Blue Reflection Ray Episode 16: Release Date, Preview and Recap

Blue Reflection Ray

The mysterious incidents behind Shion and the other Reflecletors remain unsolved. Hiori and her friends plan to save Mio, who wants to get new Fragments and open the gate to the Common. Momo is still recovering from the hospital, and Ruku confronts a unique Reflector Amiru. The lousy side wants to capture Amiru before Hiori, and the other gets to know her. Let’s find how the story of the Reflector girls continues on the last episode of Blue Reflection Ray. Miyako wonders why the students messed up the dorm in the morning, and she is cleaning alone.

Miyako confronts Ruka, who saw Niina with Hiori talking together. Ruka show Miyako that Hiori is with Niina. Hiori is trying to bring Niina to the dorm, but Niina wants to leave. Niina told her no to trouble her, and Hiori replies that she has to stay for a day, then she will go. Miyako gets annoyed since she doesn’t like Niina, who is from the enemy’s side. Miyako realizes that she has to do something and drops her tools on purpose. Hiori notices that Miyako is here, and it means she is in trouble. Miyako also Niina why she is here.

Niina wanted to say something but begins to feel dizzy, and Hiori holds her before she collapses. Ruka helped those two, and Hiori reveal that Niina has not eaten anything in a while. Miyako decided to help and said she would make Niina work with her to clean the dorm. Later the girls clean the dorm, and Hiori wonders why they are cleaning since it is not the end of the year. Miyako replies that the teacher told them that they don’t have plans to go home during summer vacation.

Previously on Blue Reflection Ray Episode 15

Niina decided to leave and told the girls that she doesn’t have time for this since she has something to do. Miyako reminds her that they gave her food, and she must repay them. Niina decided to work with the girls after realizing that she will get more tuna and rice. Ruka comments that Miyako is good at convincing people. After finishing their job, Miyako and Niina fight using their brooms.

Later Miyako realizes that she did the wrong thing by making Niina worked too hard. Niina falls unconscious, and Hiori takes care of her. They decided that Niina will be staying with them. Miyaki comments that it will cost more than written apologies, and Ruka wanted to talk about something, but she receives a call. Ruka notices that it is Ryoka and realizes that it is an urgent matter she has to leave.

Blue Reflection Ray

Blue Reflection Ray

Little Fawn

Miyako told her to go, and Ruka went outside. Ryoka and Amiru talked with Ruka, and Ryoka said Amiru wanted to speak with her. Amiru asks Ruka to meet her since there is something that they have to discuss. Ruka replies that they have to clean the whole dormitory. Amiru insists that they have to meet, and Ruka replies that she will make time. In the evening, Hiori went to Miyako’s room, and they talk about something.

In the morning, Ruka introduces Miss Ryoka Tachibana and Miss Amiru Sumeragi to the girls. Amiru asks the girls if they are all the same age as Little Fawn. The girls wonder who Little Fawn is. Amiru said ”SHE”was cute as shaky Little that had been born. Hiori realizes that Amiru is talking about Ruka and begins to tease Ruka. Hiori comments that Ruka has no long legs like a Fawn; Ruka said they could show the two around.

During their travel around the dorm, Amiru talked about the school that she used to attend. Ruka and Ryoka spoke about feelings and how the cleaning work is going. Miyako shows Amiru Tsukimiya Girl’s High School Student Dominotories Map. They both enjoy their tour and play around with Amiru. Later they throw a welcoming party for Amiru. Ryoka told Ruka that if Amiru leaves her, she can’t forgive herself since no one can replace Amiru. Ruka and Ryoka form a pact to protect Amiru and Miyako find a strategy to save other Reflectors.

Blue Reflection Ray Episode 16 Release Date

Blue Reflection Ray Episode 16  release date is 31 July  2021.

Where To What Blue Reflection Ray Episode 16?

You can watch Blue Reflection Ray Episode 16 online on AnimelabANIPLUS, and Funimation; you can look at Spoilers & Preview: Blue Reflection Ray Episode 15.

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