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Spoilers: Blue Reflection Ray Episode 13

Blue Reflection Ray

The brawl between the sisters continues as the truth behind the Reflectors is about to be revealed. Blue Reflection Ray continues with only 11 episodes to reach the episode finale. The Reflectors clashes from the recent episode, and Momo uses her body as a shield to protect Hiori from a powerful blow coming from Hiori’s sister Mio. After the battle, Uta and Niina talked about the age of the new era. And how the sins of Mio are blooming. The girls decided to let her Mio’s sins bloom to the fullest.

Miyoka communicates with the girls asking why they have left something important. Miyako has found the truth about the descendent of the Reflectors from Yuri. Yuri told her that there is nothing they can do since a new Fragments got taken. Meanwhile, Mio’s dark powers awaken. Niina notices that something is different about Mio and tried to talk with her. Shino comments that Mio’s powers may be a Reflector’s feels, but they are not enough to complete the key. Niina gets furious since what is happening is not what they agreed on and pulls Shino by the collar. She asks Shino if she knows about Mio’s state.

Shino replies that Mio is the best candidate for the job, and Mio chose her feelings, which is vital to her. Shino uses her powers to make Niina suffer while Mio recalls her childhood. Hiori steps up, trying to save Mio, but she felt that her heart is heavy. Ruka also joins Hiori as a backup, and Shuna told Uta that Mio played her part and is her turn. The crystal gets completed, and the key will get completed soon. Let’s find more about the fight below.

Previously on Blue Reflection Ray Episode 12

Shino comments that they are creating a real-world while getting rid of the face world. That crystal glows, and Mio’s flower shines in her chest, and it then sprouts, releasing tremendous powers. After a vast light, an entrance to the promised world opens. Hiori realizes that the world is the feeling of her sister. Ruka asks Hiori if she knows what is happening. Hiori wanted to say something, but she ends blocking a thunder strike coming from Niina. Niina pointed her blade at the two and told them that they wouldn’t let them have Mio.

Miyako and Yuri felt the new powers from a distance, and Yuri comments that reality and the Common will intertwine if the distortion continues to grow. Inevitably, the door will get opened. Miyako decided to head to the scene, but Yuri tries to stop her. She reminds her that they are no Reflectors and there nothing they can do to help. Miyako refused and told Yuri that no couldn’t leave the girls alone. Yuri took out her ring and comments that may she is the one who doesn’t understand.

Blue Reflection Ray

Blue Reflection Ray

Queen of Reflectors

The girls began to witness overwhelming powers back to the church as Niina challenged them on a 2v1 battle. Hiori reminds Niina that she wants to save Momo and her sister. Niina replies that the girls have the nerve to claim over someone who spent years without them. Hiori wished to defend the girls buy Niina reminds them how they hurt Mio. Ruka interferes and reminds everyone how Mio cares about Hiori. The two begin to battle as Ruka tries to speak for the girls.

Uta decides to help Niina, who told her not to interfere, and Utta reminds her about her injured arm. Hiori and Ruka were surprised as Uta talked about connections and said that once they cared about someone, the relationship was formed and tied down by unnecessary emotions. Niina realizes that she shares a strong bond with Mio and recalls the moment she received her first ring. The girl wears a ring that triggers her dark side and decides to be bound by love, loyalty, and trust.

Niina screams as her power awakens, and Uta comments that nothing is pleasant than hearing someone suffering as they are about to die. Shino reveals that their sins will open the doors to the proper world. Shino’s true powers emerge, and she is glad she has become the queen of the reflectors. Niina tries to take out Hiori’s fragment using her bare hands. Hiori managed to dodge before her chest gets opened. Shino punished the girls and decided to leave with Mio, saying that they will meet again.

Blue Reflection Ray Episode 13 Release Date

Blue Reflection Ray Episode 13 release date is 3 July July 2021, at 1:55 AM JST. You can watch Blue Reflection Ray online on Animelab.

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