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Blue Reflection Ray Episode 13 Delayed – Everything About it

Blue Reflection Ray

Blue Reflection Ray has delayed the release of episode 13 due to a weekly break. Let’s look at the summary of the latest development of the Anime until it returns on a weekly interval. The Reflectors continues with saving the feeling of the girls who have no powers to fight for themselves. Hiori, Momo, and Ruka have confronted the other team of Reflectors. The battle begins as they try to save Momo and Mio, who attempted to protect Hiori. Momo realizes that evil powers drove her into doing something horrible. In the latest episode, Momo sacrificed herself to save Hiori.

During the battle, Uta and Niina talked about the beginning of the new era. The two also spoke about the blooming sins of Mio. They decided to allow the ”sins” to bloom to their extent. Miyoka calls the trio battling Mio, Uta, Niina, and Shino since she forgets to tell them something important. The girls couldn’t communicate with Miyoka since she is in the middle of the battle. Miyoka discovered the truth about the Reflectors from the first generation to the present ”generation” from Yuri. Yuri reveals that they can’t help since they had no Reflector powers and Fragemet git taken away.

Meanwhile, Mio’s evils powers awaken, and Niina saw that Mio is different from the one she knows. Shino comments that Mio possesses the great strengths of Reflectors’ feelings, but they are not enough to revive the key. Niina realizes that it is not the deal they struck with Shino and decided to scold Shino. Niina grabs Shina by collars asking about Mio’s new form. Sino comments that Mio is suitable for this job, and it is vital for Mio to choose her feelings.

Blue Ray Reflector Episode 12 Updates

Shino punishes Niina for grabbing her by collars, and Mio recalls her childhood. Hiori decided to fight with Shino, but the gusting wind is too mighty for her to pass through. Hiori’s heart begins to get heavy as she tries to break through the gust of wind, and Ruka decides to assist her. Shino reminds Uta that Mio’s job is complete, and she has to play her role. A massive beam of light strikes the church, and a white crystal gets completed. Shino comments that at any moment, the key will get completed. Shino adds that they are eliminating the fake world to rebuild the real world.

The crystal shines white and triggers the Fragment inside Mio’s heart. The Fragment is holding the flower sprout while unleashing overwhelming powers. The gate to the new world opened after a mysterious light appears. Hiori notices that the new world gets connected to Mio’s feelings. Niina attacks her with a thunderstrike that she repelled it using her sword. Niina told Ruka and Hiori that they wouldn’t leave the building with Mio since they make her suffer.

Blue Reflection Ray

Blue Reflection Ray

Key To The New World

Meanwhile, Miyako and Yuri witnessed tremendous powers from a distance, wondering what is happening at the church. Yuri said that the Common and reality would interfere if the distortion continues to grow. The door to the new world will get opened, and the world they are living in will get swallowed. Miyako realizes that they are just sitting doing nothing without helping the girls and heads to the scene. But Yuri told her not to rush things.

Yuri opens her palm and shows her ring while saying she is not getting everything clear. Niina battles with Ruka and Hiori to buy time for Shino to finish her mission with Mio. Hiori comments that Mio is her sister and nothing they can do to stop her from saving Mio. Niina gets furious since she spent many years serving Mio since the two sisters got separated at a young age. Mio is the key to the new world that will eliminate the current world.

Rika interferes and tries to side with Hiori while exchanging sword slashes with Niina. Uta feels that she is getting bored and decided to join the battle. Niina told her to stay back and watch. Uta reminds Niina that she is too weak to defeat two people since she has injured her arm. Niina abandoned the love, trust, and happiness she has to trigger evil powers within her body. Her heart got swallowed by evil forces and began to rampage. Shino punished the girls for messing up with her plans and grab Mio while saying they will meet in the future.

Blue Reflection Ray Episode 13 Release Date

Blue Reflection Ray Episode 13 release date is 10 July  2021. You can watch Blue Reflection Ray online on Animelab.

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