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Spoilers & Preview: Blue Reflection Ray Episode 10

Blue Reflection Ray
Blue Reflection Ray

Niina visited the church at night, and Uta teases her for praying in the middle of the night. Niina told Uta to leave after realizing that her past is haunting her. Uta asks Niina what’s bothering her and thinks that Niina is becoming weaker after facing her sister during the last battle. Uta explains why Niina can’t release her powers to the full extent. Niina gets furious and picks up Uta by collars, telling her that her feelings are more potent than anyone else’s. Meanwhile, Mio Hirarahara is sitting alone, and Momo confronts her.

Momo demands Mio to explain everything to her while wielding her blade. Mio told Moom to think before she acts. Momo asks her if they will fight, and Mio asks if she has come here to fight. Momo replies that she is not here to fight and Mio if she is her enemy. Mio responds that nothing will change even though they keep on talking. Momo gets stuck when Mio asks her what Reflectors are, but she ends up saying that Reflectors are supposed to protect everyone’s feelings from the likes of Mio.

Previously on Blue Reflection Ray Episode 9

Mio reveals that she is a Reflector, and Momo comments that she knows about that issue. Mio remarks that there is nothing good or bad among Reflectors. Momo got surprised when Mio heads to the rose garden. Mio stood near the rose garden and started talking about the Reflectors. She states that Reflectors interact with Fragments, which are the crystallized forms of people’s feelings and the source of power in this world. Mio talks about Yuz and Lime, and Momo asks who those people are.

Mio replies that she got chosen by those two to become a Reflector and gained the powers from Fragments, and fought in the Common, protecting the universe from the Sephira alongside Momo. Momo finds Mio confusing since she never knows that they were fighting to save the world and lost some memories of fighting the monsters. Mio asks Momo why she came here, knowing that she has lost her memories. Momo comments that she remembers being a partner Reflector but things that Mio said sound familiar.

Mio said that Momo is strong, but not everyone is like her, and she had suffered from loneliness without being loved. She had a flashback of her childhood where no one wanted to be near her, and she felt empty from the inside. Mio explained everything that has happened in her life so far. Meanwhile, Hiori and Ruka visited Kana at the city hospital. Then, the two console Kana and Ruka receives a text, and finds Miyako Shirakaba asking them about their location.

Blue Reflection Ray

Blue Reflection Ray

Niina vs. Momo

Ruka told Hiori that they have to go. Hiori told Kana that they would visit and they must attend to an emergency matter. Back at Momo and Mio, who reminds Momo that she has seen everything. Mio reminds Momo about the girls who prayed to get rid of their feelings. Momo comments that Momo is taking the souls of the girls for her use. Mio replies that what if she is doing that, and Momo reminds her that her strength means she won’t get hurt.

The two talked about the feelings of the girls and the Reflectors. Momo reminds Mio that the Reflectors resonate with other Reflectors who share the same feelings. Momo walks towards Mio, and her blade disappears, talking about strong emotions. She hugs Mio reminding her that they have been fantastic partners. Mio resonates with Momo and realizes that their feelings are still there for each other. The two recall the time they met and the first day of their battle.

Mio reveals that this is their second chance since they died in the past and returned to life. Momo wonders if they are ghosts. Mio comments that someone defeated Sephiroth, and something happened that makes them came back to life. Mio also said that the Sephira doesn’t appear here, and the Common remains closed off. But many Reflectors get created, suddenly Niina arrives, claiming that she is Mio’s partner. Momo battled with Niina and defeated her.

Blue Reflection Ray Episode 10 Release Date

Blue Reflection Ray Episode 10 release date is 12 June 2021, at 1:55 AM JST. You can watch Blue Reflection Ray online on Animelab.

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