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Blue Lock Chapter 162 Release Date: FC Barcha Attacks Relentlessly

Blue Lock
Blue Lock

The competition will be fierce in Bastard Munchen’s team as we build up to Blue Lock Chapter 162 next. The latest chapter of the manga has just displayed yet another great teamwork and connection from Bachira and Ignacio, who easily made it through their opponents’ defenses and easily came out with an unbelievable goal.

It was a close match between the two sides, but as usual, FC Barcha managed to sneak a win. Putting more pressure on Bastard Munchen as they needed this win just as hard as well. For Bachira, this was no different from his ordinary style of play, where his team tried to match his irrational play and movements about the pitch.

Knowing Bastard Muchen, they always try to follow logic and rationality in their defense. But this only puts them in disarray due to Bachira’s style of play that Barcha FC has adapted to very well. This was also a one-on-one fight between Bachira and Kunigami. But as usual, Bastart Munchen always defends as one unit, with one player covering the weaknesses of the other.

This explains why Bachira had to team up with Ignacio for their spectacular teamwork and tactics that enabled them to take a shot at a goal that not even Bastard Munchen’s keeper could keep off-target. Kunigami was already looking forward to everything that Bachira could throw at him. But Bachira’s agility needed more than just muscles to keep up with.

Blue Lock manga chapters will continue next week as usual, and it is when we will be able to get more updates on how things will proceed. Soon we will also look at the upcoming schedule for the manga and the day that a new chapter will drop as it usually goes.

Blue Lock Chapter 162 Release Date

Blue Lock Chapter 162 will be released on Wednesday, 09 February 2022, at midnight JST. For most times around the world, it will still be early or daytime on Wednesday since the JST time zone is usually ahead and does not observe daylight saving time. So it should not be long till we get the next chapter and see what new it will bring for us.

Blue Lock Chapter 162

Blue Lock Chapter 162

Looking at the highlight of the last chapter, Blue Lock, Chapter 161 started off with Bachira facing off Kunigami of the Bastard Munchen. As usual, this has been a contest to see if Bachira will make it through him or if Kunigami will be able to stop Bachira this time. Just when Kunigami thought that he had pulled a fast one on Bachira, his teammate, Ignacio, came to his aid.

Despite Kunigami calling for backup from his teammates as well. It was already too late as Bachira and Ignacio’s combination quickly led them to goal, with FC Barcha finally taking the lead in the game. Bachira managed to show new skills and teamwork with Ignacio that none of the Bastard Munchen players managed to predict.

Combining wide-area touches with fast-paced and slowed-down tempo, he managed to show good sportsmanship and teamwork that ultimately earned his team a goal. Other notable appearances in the match included Otoya, who complimented his teammates with swift touches. A signature move of FC Barcha’s tiki-taka attacking type of football.

Meanwhile, things are not looking good on Bastard Munchen’s side. Even with Kunigami on the field and Kaiser playing as their usual finisher. It looks like a few changes would be necessary if they are to keep up with FC Barcha’s relentless attacking play. Kunigami might be the sacrifice and ger substituted this time.

But things are not yet clear at the moment. One thing still remains obvious, they need to do something about the way FC Barcha is playing. Otherwise, they might concede more goals.

The last chapter has been more of an exploration of the tactics and attacking play between these two teams. But so far, we have only seen FC Barcha’s side, so we should look forward to seeing how Bastarch Muchen will reply next. The next chapter will be out next week, so it should be interesting to see how things will line up next.

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