Blue Bloods Season 9: Episode 1 Released, And Spoilers


The all-new episode to Season 9 of Blue Bloods is out, and it is fantastic! CBS teased us with a brand new trailer for Season 9 ahead of its premiere. At the very beginning of what looks like an intense Season, Tom Selleck (portrays Police Commissioner Frank Reagan) who claims he’s ready! We then see Erin Reagan, Frank’s daughter (portrayed by Bridget Moynahan) in the shot. The next scene cuts to drug Cartel member (Lou Diamond Phillips) Louis Delgado and (Donnie Wahlberg) Danny Reagan.

There’s a war of words between Danny and Louis with former telling latter that his house went up like a stack of kindling and that his only regret was that Louis’s family wasn’t in the house. We know that Danny lost his wife Linda Reagan in a helicopter accident, he’s triggered by the thought of his family and he charges at Louis. Danny at this point is restrained. Watch the trailer below:

But, what about Eddie Janko and Jamie Reagan? Their residence is burning too, as we see in the trailer. While Jamie escapes the building, Eddie remains behind. A fireball then hits through the window (presumably Eddie), and that’s where Jamie yells for her name. What did I say, intense AF, right? Frank is seen sitting at his desk looking overwrought. That’s all the action that we get to see.

Blue Bloods Season 9: Release Date

Blue Bloods Season 9 premiere is here! It started from September 28 on CBS. For those in the United Kingdom, Sky Atlantic airs the series. Blue Blood will air later in the UK than in the US. Sky Atlantic is yet to announce the date of release.

Blue Blood Season 9: Episodes
In continuation of the tradition, there will be a total of 22 episodes for Season 9. The Season premiere is titled as “Playing With Fire.”
Every Friday night at 9 pm will get to watch an episode or Blue Blood. The series will begin in September of 2018 and will end in March of 2019.

Blue Bloods Season 9: Spoilers
Now in Season 9, we will see Jamie and Eddie battle our their lives. In Season 9 we saw Jamie and Eddie get engaged after years of working together in NYPD. Also, last we saw Erin being promoted to DA’s office, so we’ll catch a glimpse of that too. For Season 9, Danny will be involved in a chase after a Drug Cartel member who he believes burnt down the house.

Blue Bloods Season 9: Cast

Tom Selleck as Commissioner Frank Reagan
Bridget Moynahan as Erin Reagan
Donnie Wahlberg as Detective Danny Reagan
Will Estes as Officer Jamie Reagan
Len Caribou as the retired Commissioner Henry Reagan
Sami Gayle as Nicole Reagan Boyle
Vanessa Ray as Eddie Janko